How many custom domains are accepted in an App Service?

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I'm trying to add two custom domains to an App Service, and I think that it is limited to one.

With one custom domain, this domain works, but when I add the second one, both domains stop working and a 404 error appears: that error indicates that I must check if the custom domain has been added to the App Service or I must refresh DNS cache, but in my opinion I think it is not the reason. As soon as I remove the second custom domain, the first works again.

I think it is due to a limit, but I can't find the official documentation about it.

I can create a second App Service for the second custom domain, and redirect from the second site to the first, but I would like to know if there is a limit in App Service custom domains. Comparing with IIS, it was possible by using different bindings in the site.

Thank you very much!!


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Hi again everybody,
There is no limit, the problem was that I'm using two DNS entries (one for the base domain and another for the host and I only had added the validation TXT record for the base, and not for the www host (I forgot the corresponding TXT validation record for the CNAME) and also forgot adding specifically the subdomain as another custom domain.
That solved the problem.

Thank you!!