Best practice for App registration?

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We are a software developer that want to create and customized application for using the Microsoft Graph API to read emails from Office 365. Each customer company has their own tenants on Azure. 

The customers want this application run locally on the company network. 


We are trying to figure out the best way to accomplish app registrations for these customers, and would really appreciate some guidance from the community!


Option 1: Each customer company does their own registration of the application. We provide documentation on the process, including required access rights (in Microsoft Graph). Drawback: There are quite a few options in an app registration and for unexperienced users this might be error prone, even with instructions.

Option 2: We as a vendor do a central registration of our software, and each customer tenant-administrator will have to approve the request for access in our registration.  Drawback: We as vendor will need to maintain redirect URLs for all our customers. 

Option 3: Is there a better way?   


I apologize for this lengthy question. Any pointers are greatly appreciated! 







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