AZURE function Visual studio code does not trigger "Select Storage Account"

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I am trying to follow tutorial at Create your first durable function in Azure using C# | Microsoft Learn

It is indicated at step 3


When Visual Studio Code prompts you to select a storage account, choose Select storage account. Follow the prompts and provide the following information.....


This is not happening and the tutorial does not indicate how to add it manually.

Thanks for your help

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Did you connect to your tenant and subscription yet? 

"Select Storage Account" feature in Visual Studio Code for Azure Functions can sometimes not be triggered due to a few reasons such as an outdated Azure Functions extension, incorrect configuration of Azure account, or incorrect workspace settings.

To resolve this issue, try the following steps:

Update Azure Functions extension to the latest version.
Ensure you have logged in to the correct Azure account in Visual Studio Code.
Check the workspace settings to make sure that the Azure Functions extension is enabled for the workspace.

Yes, Robina, I have setuop Azure Functions just before starting the tutorial last week so I presume it is the most recent version.
Yes, I am logged with my full admin user as you can notice in the snapshot as storage is coinnected and I can see my storage accounts.




Regarding settings, I think that tehy are correct they are as follows





Anyway, can you share the syntax for adding it manually and in which file? Thanks

Robina, I hit F5, and I was prompted to choose a storage account, the project started toi build but I got the following error




A class containing the new functions is added to the project. Visual Studio Code also adds the storage account connection string to local.settings.json and a reference to the Microsoft.Azure.WebJobs.Extensions.DurableTask NuGet package to the .csproj project file.

Finally Robina, I was able to run the function and do a get in postman, however, when I try to browse or do a get in Postman for "statusQueryGetUri" nothing happen and response, I waitd for more than 15 minutes and nothing gets dispalyed as indicated
You must get an eventual response, which shows us that the instance has completed and includes the outputs or results of the durable function

Good to hear your issue resolve
Yes everything is working fine now, thanks for your help