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This is a simple portfolio with React JS that was supposed to be submitted for Technical onboarding of MLSA program. The website works perfectly fine in the local host and had no error in building but a minor error in deployment which I solved by adding DEPLOY_FROM_PACKAGE in the application setting of configuration.After all the check when I try to open the page it shows

:frowning_face_with_open_mouth: Application Error If you are the application administrator, you can access the diagnostic resources. error when I try to see the problem it shows 2 critical issues

Currently not utilizing Health Check feature. Health Check feature will ping the specified health check path on all instances of your webapp every minute to ensure instances are healthy. Configure and enable health check feature > When I try to run it the page shows nothing and I cannot edit anything

Distributing your web app across multiple instances The webapp is currently configured to run on only one instance. Since you have only one instance you can expect downtime because when the App Service platform is upgraded, the instance on which your web app is running will be upgraded. Therefore, your web app process will be restarted and will experience downtime. Scale instance count manually or automatically In MLSA account I don’t have permission to scale out instance. What should I do? Please help

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I did suffer the same when using webapp, it may consider FrontDoor stuff in the front to prevent the impact from Microsoft managed service or PaaS