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I have following questions on App Service Premium


  • Is it supported, to use a Private Endpoint (with an NSG on the subnet) for Ingress to an App Service Premium/Standard, in conjunction with VNet Integration to a different subnet for the same App Service Premium/Standard instance to control the egress traffic? The egress traffic would also have an Azure Route Table assigned and a NSG to control the outbound traffic.

  • When Microsoft state the App Service Premium is a "Shared" service, what does it mean as the VMs running the site are dedicated; I do understand there are other shared components underneath the App Service, such as ARR Servers, Management servers, etc. we are looking to understand the overall risk to them of using this option vs using App Service Environment.

Please help.

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@ajamuar  With App premium service you get dedicated compute power and it will be only used for your application, you have a chance to host multiple application with same app service but all ingress and egress will happen based on the NSG ,  route table rules when you configure private end points.