Storage Explorer 1.28 New Features
Published Mar 07 2023 03:19 PM 1,470 Views

We are excited to announce the release of Storage Explorer 1.28.0 that will help enhance our developer’s experience while accessing a variety of storage services!


Storage Explorer 1.28.0:


Storage Explorer strives to make it easy for developers to quickly access and manage many storage services under different accounts. After analyzing customer research and telemetry, version 1.28.0 will include new updates/features that will benefit our developers’ journey.


To highlight a few features, the Storage Explorer 1.28.0 now allows for Text preview enhancements and downloading multiple blobs at once when filtering based on a tag:




  • Text Preview Enhancements
    • Additional content-types have been added to the built in list of content-types which can be text previewed. These include: - text/xml - application/xml - application/json
    • You can now preview files of any size, but only the first 10MB of the file. You can download the file and open it in your default text editor to view the entire file. A status bar will appear at the top of the preview tab that informs you of files greater than 10MB
  • Multi Blob Download When Filtering by Tags
    • When filtering by tags, you can now download multiple blobs at once by clicking the Download in either the context menu or toolbar of the blob


Other features in this update include:

  • SAS Expiration Warnings
  • Trust File Extension During Open
  • Copy Between Blob Containers and File Shares
  • Filter by Prefix in ADLS Gen2 Blob Containers
  • Sub-Directory Prefix Search in File Shares
  • Copy Tables with Azure AD Credentials
  • Preserving of Blob Tags During Clone
  • Lease Operations on ADLS Gen2 Folders
  • ADLS Gen2 Soft Delete Feature Flag Removed
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