Spring I/O 2024 - Join Microsoft and Broadcom to Celebrate All Things Spring and Azure!
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Get ready for the ultimate Spring conference in Barcelona from May 30-31! Connect with over 1200 attendees, enjoy 70 expert speakers, and engage in 60 talks and 7 hands-on workshops. Microsoft Azure (as a Gold Sponsor) and VMware Tanzu (as a Platinum sponsor) bring you in-depth sessions on Spring and AI development, a dynamic full-day workshop, and an interactive booth experience. Learn, network, and enhance your Java skills with the latest tools and frameworks. Don't miss out on this exciting event!




Java on Azure


We are making it easier for Java developers to use cloud technology. Java is popular for its flexibility, and with Azure, developers can work efficiently with familiar tools and frameworks. This helps them deploy and scale their applications in the cloud smoothly.


We have our own Microsoft Build of OpenJDK, reinforcing our commitment to core development and community collaboration. Over 2.5 million Java developers use Visual Studio Code. Java is widely used on platforms like GitHub and Azure OpenAI, especially for AI development. We partner with companies like Broadcom, IBM, Oracle, and Red Hat to support and promote Java in the developer community.


We offer tools for Java developers, like GitHub Copilot for code suggestions and Azure OpenAI Service for integrating advanced AI. We also provide services like Azure Spring Apps, Azure App Service, Azure Container Apps, Azure Kubernetes Service, and Azure Red Hat OpenShift to offer a complete cloud experience for Java applications, from deployment to management and scaling


What’s new with Spring applications on Azure


Savings Plan:

Starting January 1, 2024, Azure Spring Apps users can save up to 47% through an expanded Azure Savings Plan. This plan offers significant cost reductions for those committing to one or three-year terms.


Enhanced Reliability and Reduced Downtime:

Azure Spring Apps now offers a 99.95% SLA, reducing potential downtime to around 4.34 hours annually. This comprehensive assurance covers all the Azure resources used to build the service like Azure Kubernetes Service, Azure Storage, and Spring Cloud Gateway.


Increased Scalability:

The service can now support up to 1000 app instances, 8000 virtual CPUs, and 32 terabytes of memory per service instance. It also offers larger app instances with up to 8 vCPUs and 32GB of memory, plus more efficient build processes with increased resource allocation.


Bring Your Own Azure Container Registry:

Users can now bring their own Azure Container Registry (ACR), allowing seamless application deployment across different environments and regions.


Landing Zone Accelerator:

This tool helps establish secure, compliant, and scalable cloud environments for development, testing, and production within 15-30 minutes.


Extended Spring Boot Support:

Azure Spring Apps provides extended support for Spring Boot 2.x.x until August 2025, giving users more time to upgrade their applications.


Azure Migrate Support:

Azure Migrate now supports the discovery and assessment of Spring applications, making cloud transitions smoother and more efficient.


Java Native Image Support:

Support for Java native images is now available, providing faster startup times and optimized memory usage. This includes the ability to compile Java applications to standalone executables using GraalVM, benefiting from significant memory and performance improvements.


Session, Workshop and Booth Experience


At Spring I/O 2024, we're showcasing Microsoft Azure's commitment to the Spring community. We are offering a session filled with expert insights on using Spring and Azure together, a full-day workshop for hands-on learning with Azure for Spring Developers, and an interactive booth featuring demos, Q&A sessions, and exciting giveaways.


Making coding fun with Spring and Azure


Come see the ultimate way to combine Spring and Azure to make coding a blast! They are both amazing on their own. Put them together and you get developers who are over the moon, making cool apps that people love. However, navigating the vastness of Spring and Azure can be daunting. Learning them can be tough. Our talk is like a fast-forward button. We will show you the fastest ways to combine Spring and Azure. This means your coding is quick, your tests are smooth, your apps can grow and be intelligent (AI), and your design is solid. You will watch quick demos that highlight the top tricks for using Spring with Azure. And you will not leave empty-handed — you will get a Git repo with the best Spring plus Azure setups, straight from the experts.


Speaker(s): Adib Saikali - Broadcom / Asir Selvasingh - Microsoft


Full-day Workshop on May 29: Azure for Spring Developers


Join us for “Azure for Spring Developers”, a dynamic full-day workshop designed specifically for developers, DevOps, and operations personnel looking to leverage Azure for deploying and scaling Spring applications. This workshop will guide you through the essentials of Azure, from setting up your environment and managing applications, to deploying and monitoring Spring applications efficiently using Azure Spring Apps. Additionally, you’ll explore how to enhance your applications with AI capabilities using Azure Open AI.


The workshop is hands-on—bring your laptop and a willingness to learn. We will provide Azure Subscription, sample code, and steps to learn and experiment. By the end of the day, you will know how to effectively deploy and scale Spring projects on Azure, making use of cloud resources to build more scalable and robust applications. Whether you are new to Azure or looking to deepen your existing skills, this workshop will equip you with the practical knowledge and hands-on experience to enhance your development capabilities.


Workshop instructors: Sandra Ahlgrimm - Microsoft / Neven Cvetkovic - Broadcom / David Caron - Broadcom / Monica Calleja - Microsoft


How to register: The workshop will take place the day before the conference at Hotel Catalonia Barcelona Plaza, Plaça d'Espanya, 6-8, 08014 Barcelona. You can register for the workshop separately and do not need to pay for the conference registration. For workshop registration, please visit: https://reg.springio.net/event/afsdt  


Make sure to stop by at the Microsoft Azure booth


Watch live demos, exclusive insights, and your chance to score cool swag! Fill out a survey, participate in our booth talks, and interact with Microsoft and Broadcom experts. Ask insightful questions, and you might even walk away with a pair of Microsoft earbuds!

Make sure to stop by the Microsoft Azure booth to supercharge your Spring-Azure skills, troubleshoot your toughest challenges, and discover the latest innovations.


Mark your calendars for Spring I/O 2024 in beautiful Barcelona! Don't miss the Microsoft and Broadcom sessions, workshop, and booth – it is your chance to accelerate your Spring development experience with Microsoft Azure and VMware Tanzu. We can't wait to connect!




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