Maximizing Value: Streamlined Cloud Solutions with Prime Cost Savings for Spring Apps – upto 47% off
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By -- Asir Selvasingh, Microsoft, and Adib Saikali, VMware Tanzu.


Cost is not just a number — it is key to making big decisions, especially when moving to the cloud. Knowing how important this is, we offer solutions that make your cloud experience better and save you a lot of money, up to a huge 47% discount. This is not just about being affordable; it is about getting great value every step of the way.


Moving to the cloud with Azure Migrate is now straightforward. Following our belief of "Your Ideal Cloud Journey is Faster + Cheaper = Better ", we are excited to offer even better tools for Spring applications with Azure Migrate. Discovering and assessing your Spring apps used to take days and lots of effort. Now, it can be done in minutes, making things easier and setting you up for a smooth move to the cloud.


And there is more good news. Check out the Landing Zone Accelerator, built especially for Spring apps. It lets you set up fast without cutting corners on quality. Imagine getting your environment - from development to production - ready in just 15-30 minutes. This tool is more than just speed; it offers a solid plan - embedding security by default and aligning with Azure's best practices - for everyone involved, making the move even smoother.


Join us in the new era of moving to the cloud — where it's efficient, fast, and valuable.


As part of the Microsoft Azure ecosystem, Azure Spring Apps has been instrumental in propelling this transformation, gaining considerable momentum. Many customers, including Bosch, Digital Realty, FedEx, Kroger, Liantis, Morgan Stanley, National Life, Raley's, and Swiss Re have adopted the service for their mission-critical enterprise Java Spring applications.


Challenges with Application Cloud Migrations


Before we jump to the details of these announcements, let’s look at the key challenges with application cloud migrations among IT professionals and developers.


  • Cost optimization remains a top concern in cloud adoption according to Flexera's 2023 State of the Cloud Report. For the "seventh year in a row, optimizing existing use of cloud (cost savings)" is the top initiative for 62% of respondents.  The focus on cost efficiency and the "delivery speed of new products/services" form the key metrics for measuring progress in the cloud for end customers.
  •  Difficulty in getting started is a significant challenge, with 49% of respondents struggling to understand application dependencies during cloud migration. Teams familiar with on-premises systems struggle to understand the new and complex cloud-native patterns. The challenge compounds due to unknown application dependencies, an issue caused by evolving team structures and knowledge gaps.
  • Building and migrating applications to the cloud presents industry-wide complexities as software engineering teams are required to spend unnecessary time and effort to handle frictions during their cloud migration journey, as outlined in the 2021 Spring Report.


What we are announcing




Save Money! Azure Spring Apps Enterprise delivers up to 47% discount through Savings Plan


Want to save money on the cloud? You are not alone. Most cloud users want to make the most out of their cloud budget. Starting December 1st, 2023, we are bringing something special to help with that: our expanded Azure Savings Plan covers Azure Spring Apps Enterprise. Here is the deal: sign up for a year and get a 20% discount. Commit to three years? That discount jumps to a huge 47%. You can choose to pay all at once or monthly. The best part? Turning on the Savings Plan will not mess with your current set-ups or apps. You just get the discount while everything runs as usual.


If you are running big apps, this plan can save a lot of money. It brings down your overall costs for using Azure Spring Apps Enterprise. So, if you are thinking about the total costs of using Spring apps on Azure, it is time to check again.




Planning to bring more apps to the cloud? We get that. Crunching the numbers for costs can be tricky, especially with many cloud services in the mix. We have you covered with a new tool that makes budgeting easier: our TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) framework. It is designed to help you figure out costs for Spring apps in the cloud. Want to learn more? Check out our e-book: "How to Choose the Right Azure Services for Your Apps." It breaks things down, so your cloud journey is smooth and cost-effective.


Start Easy! Discover and Assess Spring Apps at Scale in 10-15 minutes using Azure Migrate


We have crafted a simple yet robust way to migrate and modernize with Azure Migrate. Our goal? Make your cloud journey swift and smooth. By end-September, Azure Migrate will include support for Spring applications, equipped to handle the discovery and assessment of numerous Spring applications in little time. Imagine this: instead of days and weeks, you will spend merely 10-15 minutes on the assessment of 100 Spring applications. That is speed. That is efficiency.


As you look to migrate or modernize, Azure Migrate stands as your cloud companion, ensuring every step is informed. Knowing the status of your on-premises Spring applications, gauging cloud readiness, spotting potential issues, and estimating costs become second nature with Azure Migrate. It goes deep, providing insights into Java and Spring versions, run-time specifics, and even initial cloud deployment costs. Most importantly, it guides you on each application's readiness for the cloud transition.


The bottom line? We want to ease your start. While Azure Migrate does the heavy lifting, your path to the cloud becomes clearer and more strategic – and more actionable.


The screenshot below shows the discovered Spring applications in Azure Migrate.




The screenshot below shows the assessment for a Spring application in Azure Migrate.




Build Right and Fast! Build Your Spring Apps Environment: Development, Test, or Production in Just 15-30 Minutes with Landing Zone Accelerator!


To ensure the scalability and quality of your cloud journey, we introduce the Landing Zone Accelerator, specifically designed for Spring applications. This accelerator allows you to establish secure, compliant, and scalable development, test, or production environments within 15-30 minutes. Adhering to Azure's best practices and embedding security by default, the Landing Zone Accelerator ensures that your cloud transition is not only swift but also robust and scalable. It paves the way for both application and platform teams to thrive in the cloud environment.


From realizing cost efficiency to streamlining your migration and modernization journey to ensuring the scalability of your cloud operations, our goal is to demonstrate how your cloud transition can drive innovation, and efficiency, and accelerate business value.


The Landing Zone Accelerator for Azure Spring Apps represents an authoritative, proven, and prescriptive infrastructure-as-code solution, designed to assist enterprise customers in establishing a robust environment for deploying Spring and polyglot apps. It not only expedites the deployment process but also provides a comprehensive design framework, allowing for the clear planning and designing of Azure environments based on established standards.


“The availability of Landing Zone Accelerator for Azure Spring Apps reduced our internal cycles of researching architecture options and Spring Apps feature sets, which allowed us to rapidly determine how we would want to implement and scale globally.”

Devon Yost, Enterprise Architect, Digital Realty Trust



For application teams, the Landing Zone Accelerator offers a significant head start by bundling together the most used backing services, which teams can select as part of their deployment process.


On the other hand, platform teams benefit from an array of resources designed to maintain security and operational efficiency.


Microsoft and VMware Collaboration – Delivers Faster, Cheaper, and Better Spring Application Solutions


In a strategic collaboration since 2016, Microsoft and the Spring team have been central to enabling Spring applications to harness the full potential of the cloud. Enterprise customers form a substantial part of Azure's user base, and a sizable portion of their workload is Java. Furthermore, among Java developers, two out of three are Spring developers actively deploying to production environments. Spring developers have voiced their desire to focus on their application code and business logic, rather than dealing with the complexities of managing, securing, and scaling infrastructure, containers, and virtual machines. Responding to this need, Microsoft collaborated with VMware to establish Azure Spring Apps - an initiative aimed at simplifying your development and operations workflows and accelerating your journey from code to production.


To further expedite the development and deployment of enterprise applications, we designed Azure Spring Apps Enterprise. This offer provides commercially supported Spring runtime components and access to Spring experts. Building on the features available in the Standard tier, it allows users to harness the expansive Azure ecosystem to enhance their Spring applications, facilitating a faster path to production and enabling the full realization of Spring's capabilities. Today, as we recognize the dual challenges of cost and complexity, we are excited to present solutions that not only simplify but also make running Spring applications on the cloud more cost-effective. By tackling initial setup challenges, reducing complexity, and focusing on cost savings, we’re laying out a clearer, more budget-friendly path to the cloud.


Experience Azure Spring Apps Enterprise today!


Azure Spring Apps Enterprise delivers simplicity and productivity, and you can leverage Spring experts to make your projects even more successful. You can easily deploy your Spring and polyglot applications to the cloud and get them up and running in no time. It is a golden path to production that simplifies the deployment process and optimizes your resource usage. We will continue to innovate tools and optimize services for streamlining Spring app migration to cloud at scale and running those Spring apps efficiently and economically – Faster, Cheaper, and Better.


And the best part? We are offering FREE monthly grants on all tiers - 50 vCPU hours and 100 GB hours per tier. This is the number of FREE hours you get BEFORE any usage is billed, giving you a chance to test out the service without any financial charges.


So why wait? Take advantage of our FREE monthly grants and deploy your first Spring app to Azure Spring Apps Enterprise today or deploy Spring applications by leveraging enterprise best practices – Landing Zone Accelerator for Azure Spring Apps!



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