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> This is a set of tutorials that was just released on the topic of Node.js. It takes you from the very beginning of your developer journey with Node.js to tell you the what and whys of Node.js to teaching you debugging, file management, dependency management, and even web development.


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-1- Introduction to Node.js

This is a great primer if you are considering to use Node.js. It will explain the why but also show you can use it from the command-line.

This module teaches you the following:

  • Explain what Node.js is
  • Describe how Node.js works
  • Identify when to use Node.js
  • Create and run a Node.js script from the command line

Introduction to Node.js


-2- Create a new Node.js project and work with dependencies

Node.js has a rich ecosystem of packages that you can install and use in your app. Once installed these packages becomes dependencies that you need to learn how to manage as they will be with the project for a while. This module, therefore, teaches dependency management but also everything that goes with it like:

  • Initialize Node.js projects
  • Understand what the manifest file package.json consist of and use it to your advantage
  • Add and remove packages to your Node.js project
  • Manage your package dependencies and update them in a predictable way

Manage dependencies


-3- Work with files and directories

Working with files and directories is a great skill to have regardless of the programming language used. This module takes you through a lot of things that are good to know when dealing with input and output.


const fs = require('fs').promises;
const items = await fs.readdir("stores");
console.log(items); // [ 201, 202, sales.json, totals.txt ]

This module teaches you the following:

  • Work with directories
  • Create and delete files
  • Read from files
  • Write to files
  • Parse data in files

Work with files and directories


-4- Debugging

Being able to debug efficiently can save you a lot of time. This module takes you through all that you might possibly need to know to be really good at debugging in Node.js. The module covers the following topics:

  • Use VS Code debugger with a Node.js program.
  • Create breakpoints and run your code step by step to find issues.
  • Inspect your program state at any execution step.
  • Rewind the call stack to find the source of an exception.

Debugging module


-5- Use Express to build a Web App


const express = require('express');
const app = express();
app.get('/', (req, res) => res.send('Welcome to the app'))
app.listen(8000, () => console.log('Server up and running'))

This module teaches you the following:

  • Describe the core concepts of the web framework Express
  • Configure middleware to control how a request is handled
  • Respond to HTTP requests with different types of content like text and JSON
  • Send data to an Express endpoint

Build web apps




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