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Last year was busy for Microsoft on the Java front and 2023 is shaping up to be even more exciting. We’ve been expanding our portfolio of Java-centered apps on Azure, exploring smart serverless, improving cloud functions, and more. Read on to explore some highlights for Java at Microsoft and get a sneak peek into our upcoming sessions at this year’s Devnexus conference in Atlanta, April 4-6.


What’s new in Java at Microsoft and Azure

Last year ended on a great note. We reached over two million Java developers using Visual Studio Code.  In January, we improved index file and coding performance in Spring extensions and Visual Studio Code. We’ve introduced remote debugging support for Azure Spring Apps and Azure Function Apps. We also made some major improvements and continue to support OpenJDK. Alongside the experts at VMware, we’ve developed a wide range of solutions for running Spring apps on Azure, including Azure Spring Apps Enterprise.


In December we announced new features to enhance Java developer productivity and optimize deployment of Spring applications in the cloud. A consumption pricing plan allows users to start from zero and scale to zero vCPU for efficient resource utilization, while Application Accelerators and Application Live View provide lightweight insight and troubleshooting tools. Additionally, you can deploy and scale Spring Boot 3 and Spring Framework 6 apps, and new features like gRPC and WebSocket support have been added. These updates make Azure Spring Apps an even more economical and optimized route to get Spring applications into production.


Azure Functions continues to make a mark in serverless computing, leading to quicker adoption of microservices. With AI the talk of the town, Azure now offers numerous AI and machine learning services that let developers build the smartest applications and run workloads. Several enhancements to the Azure Kubernetes Services (AKS) provide more seamless developer and operator experiences. We’ve improved the debugging experience of Azure Spring Apps on IntelliJ and also set up remote debugging support for Azure functions.


Check out Microsoft’s sessions at Devnexus 2023

Hear from Microsoft’s top Java experts at their hands-on workshops and other sessions:



Workshop presented by: Eric Manley, Platform Architect, VMware; Anish Patel, Staff SE, VMware; Ajai Peddapanga, Principal Cloud Solution Architect, Microsoft; Manoj Singh, Java Champion and Senior Cloud Solution Architect, Microsoft

Workshop details: Microsoft and VMware team is ready to help you learn how to build on the Spring framework using the best-in-class components of Microsoft Azure and VMware Tanzu. In this all-day hands-on workshop lets you explore the Cloud App architecture and related managed services. It also covers the most important aspect of development — building your apps to be production-ready.

You’ll also dive deeply into Azure’s service discovery, centralized configuration, app auto scaling, monitoring, and more. You’ll leave with a complete developer experience.


Session presented by: Mark Heckler, Software Developer and Principal Cloud Developer for Java/JVM languages at Microsoft

Date & time: Wednesday - Apr 5th, 11:30 AM

Session details: There is a never-ending debate on what’s considered ‘serverless’ and what qualifies as ‘functions’. Mark puts an end to this dilemma. In this session, Mark shows how to identify and be confident about developing and deploying capabilities as one or more functions. Experience a real-time ‘Live Coding Adventure’ and witness the creation of candidate functions using the Spring Boot and Spring Cloud Function. See how to deploy these via Azure Functions and start putting them to use in your daily work.


Session presented by: Bruno Borges, Product Manager at Microsoft

Date & time: Wednesday - Apr 5th, 11:30 AM

Session details: If you’re a Java developer, SRE, or in Ops, and find it hard to decide between horizontal and vertical scalability, this session is for you. Bruno shares the secrets of running Java on Kubernetes with zero compromises to performance. The session also explores JVM ergonomics, CPU throttling, Garbage Collectors, and how to use these superpowers to boost performance and cut costs in the cloud.  


Session presented by: Jared Rhodes, Microsoft MVP and Principal Consultant at Epam Systems

Date & time: Wednesday - Apr 5th, 1:30 PM

Session details: Join EPAM, a Microsoft partner and learn about Azure Spring Apps. This session will showcase how Azure Spring Apps simplifies the deployment of Spring Boot applications to the Azure cloud platform without requiring any code changes.


Session presented by: Reza Rahman, Principal Program Manager for Java on Azure at Microsoft

Date & time: Wednesday - Apr 5th, 4:00 PM

Session details: Jakarta EE, formerly Java EE, offers multiple enhancements and much-awaited updates. Become future-ready through this session as Reza walks you through updates in security, concurrency, REST, and more.

As the Jakarta EE ambassador, Reza shows how Jakarta EE 11 may play out in the future. Learn about possible changes for NoSQL, Messaging, Security, and more.


Session presented by: Brian Benz, Cloud Advocate at Microsoft

Date & time: Thursday - Apr 6th, 1:30 PM

Session details: Distributed Application Runtime (Dapr) is a new way to build modern distributed apps. Brian walks you creating powerful and resilient Kubernetes apps using this open-source system.

With insightful demos, this session also shows how to manage code updates to polyglot applications safely and automate CI/CD deployments to multiple app targets using a simple update through GitHub.  


Discover the Power of Java with Microsoft: Visit Booth #16 at the Expo!

If you're attending the conference and interested in learning more about Java and Microsoft's offerings in this space, don't miss the chance to meet our Java experts at the Microsoft booth #16. They'll be doing booth talks throughout the event, where you can hear about the latest developments and ask any questions you may have. And while you're there, be sure to pick up a cool Java t-shirt to show off your love for the language! We look forward to seeing you there.


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