Enhanced API Developer Experience with the Microsoft-Postman partnership
Published Oct 12 2022 08:50 AM 27.3K Views

Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) have emerged as the foundational technology powering application modernization. As developers move to modern applications and embrace an API-first world, an easy-to-use API management platform is the need of the hour. At Microsoft, we are on a mission to build a comprehensive and reliable API management platform that’s enabling developers to streamline and secure APIs at scale.


Today, at Microsoft Ignite, the Azure API Management team is excited to announce our partnership with Postman, a leading API testing and development platform used by 20M+ developers worldwide. This partnership is aimed at both simplifying API testing and monitoring using the Postman platform for Azure API developers and making the Azure platform readily available to deploy APIs for Postman developers.


“This announcement is great news for organizations that recognize APIs as fundamental business assets critical to digital transformation,” said Abhijit Kane, Postman co-founder. “By uniting the world’s top API platform and a leading cloud provider, our two companies have taken a significant step in giving customers the comprehensive set of tools they need for accelerating the API lifecycle.” 


Boost developer productivity and achieve faster time to market with the Azure API Management and Postman Integrated platform 

These integrations provide developers all the support they need to test their APIs on Postman and deploying them back on Azure. It takes away unnecessary friction and enables developers to spend more time on writing and shipping software.  

Let’s take a closer look at how Azure API Management platform and Postman platform integrate to offer developers a fast path to build, test, deploy and iterate on APIs. 


Test Azure APIs faster with an integrated Postman platform  

Azure API developers have instant access to the Postman API testing, monitoring, and development platform for rapid iteration on API changes. The integration support includes: 

  • Postman-initiated import from Azure API Management with the ability to import OpenAPI definitions from Azure API Management 
  • Azure API Management-initiated export of APIs into Postman using “Run in Postman” 




Accelerate the path to deployment for Postman tested APIs on Azure 

Once the APIs are designed, tested and ready to go, the integration makes it easy to deploy them on Azure. The integration support includes: 

  • Export of OpenAPI definitions from Postman to Azure API Management  


With over a million APIs published on Azure API Management platform today - it is a battle-hardened, production ready, and highly scaled platform that stretches from on-premises to multi-cloud. Over the past few years, Azure API Management platform has expanded to support every stage of the API lifecycle - enhancing the overall experience for API developers, consumers, operators, and policymakers. Postman partnership is making this even more frictionless, as Smit Patel, head of partnerships at Postman, said, “We’re very proud because this is Postman’s first bidirectional product alliance with a major cloud provider. Aligning with a cloud leader like Microsoft is terrific for our mutual customers and also boosts Postman’s status as the enterprise grade solution for the API-first world.” 


The Azure API Management team welcomes Postman to the Microsoft partner ecosystem, and together we look forward to enabling our developers embrace an API-first culture to deliver innovations faster, create new revenue streams, and generate value for their end users. 


Check out Azure integration docs and Postman integration docs for more details. To learn more about this news, read Postman’s press release and Postman’s blog.

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