Collect Thread Dump and Heap Dump on Linux App Service (Java/Tomcat)
Published Sep 09 2022 01:21 AM 5,665 Views

The following steps can be followed for both our Java and Tomcat offerings on Linux App Service. Note that, if you are using a custom image, you could enable webSSH and collect dumps using jcmd, if present.


1. Go to the Kudu Site of the WebApp via Advanced Tools blade:




2. Click on SSH to ssh into the Application Container:



3. Get the PID of the Java Process (your application):

[There are multiple ways to get it. We can use ps -ef | grep java | grep -v grep command, or simply run jcmd]




4. Finally, execute the following command to collect the Thread Dump and save it as a file. 


jcmd <PID of Java Process> Thread.print > /home/threaddump

Similarly, to collect the heap dump, run:

jcmd <PID of Java Process> GC.heap_dump /home/heapdump





The files under /home are only persistent by default. Consider collecting the dumps under /home or in the mounted location for External Storage (if using BYOS)



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