Azure Spring Apps feature updates in late 2022
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The following updates are now available to help customers reduce adoption barriers and pricing frictions to take full advantage of the capabilities offered by Azure Spring Apps Enterprise.


  • Price Reduction: We have reduced the base unit of Azure Spring Apps Standard and Enterprise to 6 vCPUs and 12 GB of Memory and reduced the overage prices for vCPU and Memory. Learn more.
  • Monthly Free Grant: The first 50 vCPU-hours and 100 memory GB hours are free each month. Learn more.


You can compare the price change from Price Reduction


The following updates are now available in both basic/standard and enterprise tiers:


  • Ingress Settings: With ingress settings, customers can now manage Azure Spring Apps traffic on the application level, including protocol support for gRPC, WebSocket and RSocket-on-WebSocket, session affinity, and send/read timeout. Learn more.
  • Remote debugging: Now, you can remotely debug your apps in Azure Spring Apps using IntelliJ or VS Code. For security reasons, by default, Azure Spring Apps disables remote debugging. You can enable remote debugging for your apps using Azure Portal or Azure CLI and start debugging. Learn more.
  • Connect to app instance shell environment for troubleshooting: Azure Spring Apps offers many ways to troubleshoot your applications. For developers who like to inspect an app instance running environment, you can connect to the app instance’s shell environment and troubleshoot it. Learn more. 

The following updates are now available in the enterprise tier:

  • New managed Tanzu component - Application Live View from Tanzu Application Platform: a lightweight insight and troubleshooting tool based on Spring Boot Actuators that helps app developers and app operators look inside running apps. Applications provide information from inside the running processes using HTTP endpoints. Application Live View uses those endpoints to retrieve and interact with the data from applications. Learn more.
  • New managed Tanzu component – Application Accelerators from Tanzu Application Platform: can speed up the process of building and deploying applications. They help you to bootstrap develop your applications and deploy them in a discoverable and repeatable way. Learn more.
  • Directly deploy static files: If you have applications that are purely holding static files like html, css, or front-end applications built with the JavaScript framework of your choice, you can directly deploy them now with an automatically configured web server (HTTPD and NGINX) to serve those assets, leveraging Tanzu Web Servers buildpack in behind. Learn more.
  • Managed Spring Cloud Gateway enhancement: We have newly added app-level routing rule support to simplify your routing rule configuration and TLS support from the gateway to apps in managed Spring Cloud Gateway. Learn more.



To help you get started, we have monthly FREE grants on all tiers – 50 vCPU Hours and 100 memory GB Hours per tier. 


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