Azure OpenAI Service, ChatGPT and more: Explore the latest developer resources
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Our April highlight includes Azure OpenAI Service, ChatGPT and open source related technologies to help you better understand the impact they have on today’s development landscape. Start learning with free training and documentation, watch demos to explore new tools, and watch on demand sessions from the recent Azure Open Source Day event to dive deeper.  

Here’s some of the most recent resources to help you get started. 


Revolutionize your enterprise data with ChatGPT: Next-gen apps with Azure OpenAI Service and cogniti...   
Revolutionize your enterprise data with ChatGPT. Pablo Castro explains how to combine Azure Cognitive Search and Azure OpenAI Service to build a solution that uses your organization’s data as the basis for responses.  


Microsoft Learn: Introduction to Azure OpenAI Service  
Get started with Azure OpenAI Service. Complete this free Microsoft Learn module to explore text, code, and image capabilities and discover how to use Azure OpenAI Service to build solutions against AI models within Azure.  


Build intelligent applications using ChatGPT and Azure Cosmos DB  
Step through a sample that shows how to combine ChatGPT in Azure OpenAI Service and Azure Cosmos DB to build an intelligent app. Discover how a database can help enhance the experience for users.   


Demo: ChatGPT and Azure OpenAI Service powering your apps | OpenAI Studio in Microsoft Azure  
Use ChatGPT and Azure OpenAI Service to build more intelligent apps. Pablo Castro joins Microsoft Mechanics to demonstrate how to use generative AI models in your apps, and how to use Azure OpenAI Studio to experiment and test your models.  


What is Azure OpenAI Service?  
Azure OpenAI Service provides access to OpenAI's powerful language models. Get an overview and learn how to access the service through REST APIs, Python SDK, or #AzureOpenAI Studio.  


Azure Open Source Day 
Azure Open Source Day took place just a few weeks ago. Watch sessions on demand to hear from Microsoft experts and other industry leaders as the look at recent innovations and discuss how open source technologies can be used to help you build intelligent apps faster. 


Azure Open Source Day: How open source and AI impact software development in the cloud  
Watch on demand to hear open source community members from Redis, HashiCorp, and GitHub as they discuss how open source and AI are changing software development.  


Build an intelligent application fast and flexibly using Open Source on Azure  
Learn how to build an intelligent application fast and flexibly using open source on Azure. Watch an end-to-end demo of an intelligent app that was built using open source technologies developed by Microsoft and the community.  


Unleashing the AI technology wave: Training large language models at scale  
Learn about large language models (LLMs) and why this AI model is important for developers and companies. Discover why Nemo Megatron scales well with Azure and find out how to run it on Azure ML.  


The open source future with Web3  
Watch this on demand session about the open source future with Web3. Learn about DevOps best practices on Web3, developing Web3 solutions, current trends, and how organizations are integrating Web3 solutions into their businesses.  


30 Days of Azure AI 
Explore valuable, curated resources that provide training, documentation, projects, and videos to help you master new skills. And check out these previews to see what you can expect throughout the month. 


Supercharge your AI skills with 30 Days of Azure AI 
Check out the #30DaysOfAzureAI learning event running throughout April. Watch for daily posts and learn about Azure OpenAI Service, Azure ML, Responsible AI, Intelligent Apps and more. Here's the roadmap for what you’ll learn.  


Build intelligent apps with Azure AI SDKs 
Get an introduction to the Azure AI Hub. Explore loads of SDK samples to help you get started with Azure OpenAI Service and Cognitive Services. Learn best practices and engage with other developers.  


How to build your own ChatGPT 
Build your own ChatGPT using your own data for personalized responses. See how easy it is to do this with Azure Cognitive Search and Azure OpenAI Service.  


Blazor apps and Azure OpenAI Service 
Learn how to build interactive web apps with Microsoft Blazor and Azure OpenAI Service. Get started today and take your web development to the next level.  

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