VS 2022 and the execution of new Angular Template




Visual Studio 2022 has a new template for Angular projects and it's very nice. I'm not Angular specialist, so I'm not sure if my question will be a bit silly....
For the site to be executed, there is a need of a command prompt window to be opened and make the typescript compilation using node, besides provisioning a server.
The problem is this window sometimes open, sometimes not. When it decides not to open, I get lost about what to do to ensure it will open again on next execution.
Sometime it appears to be related to the execution of a Build before the execution, but not always. What may I be doing wrong, how could I work around this and execute the project easier?
A workaround for this is to execute npm start on the package manager console window. But by doing this, when we need to compile again we need to close Visual Studio and open again.

Any better way to work with this?
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