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I'm developing an application using .NET MAUI and Blazor, but using the Android simulator I noticed that the browser does not support some features.

For example, one issue was caused by an incompatibility with the Javascript engine, like discussed here: https://github.com/MudBlazor/MudBlazor/issues/3348. (There are 2 different examples on that).


So basically, the app must rely on the device browser to work.


I thought the app was going to have its own internal browser, to ensure compatibility across devices.

But it looks like that if Google introduces a bug the app is going to break without any update on the app side.

And I suppose that means on iOS it's dependent on WebKit and the specific version installed on the device.


There is any specification about the minimum version of the browser we should expect?

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Blazor Hybrid apps use the system-provided web view control on each platform. On Android/iOS/macOS it's what the OS provides. On Windows it's whichever version of WebView2 is installed.