Maui and Grpc cannot work together on MacOS?

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using asp and maui in a single project results in "unsupported" runtime error message.

Steps to reproduce:


  1. create a standard maui project (from template).
  2. remove iOS and Android from TargetFrameworks. Only windows and MacCatalyst shall stay (I want to build a cross platform desktop app).
    <TargetFrameworks Condition="$([MSBuild]::IsOSPlatform('windows')) and '$(MSBuildRuntimeType)' == 'Full'">$(TargetFrameworks);net6.0-windows10.0.19041</TargetFrameworks>
  3. add grpc nuget reference to the project
    <PackageReference Include="Grpc.AspNetCore" Version="2.41.0" />
  4. build the project.
    Following error will be displayed:
    1>C:\Program Files\dotnet\sdk\6.0.100\Sdks\Microsoft.NET.Sdk\targets\Microsoft.NET.Sdk.FrameworkReferenceResolution.targets(427,5): error NETSDK1082: There was no runtime pack for Microsoft.AspNetCore.App available for the specified RuntimeIdentifier 'maccatalyst-x64'.



  1. why I get this error? Isn't grpc supposed to be independent from maui?
    Grpc itself is supported under Windows, Linux and MacOS.
  2. how to fix it?



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