How to downgrade MAUI preview to earlier version

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Ok, so I'm loving Maui, been using it a few months - fully appreciate it's still in "Preview", but started a greenfield project a couple of months ago, and it's going to evolve over the next few years. It made little sense using Xamarin, as we'd end up using a legacy framework before we've even released. Also, we have a growing library of Blazor components for our web application, and the mobile Application has quite a bit of crossover, so building the mobile app in Blazor seemed like a logical step. As the new BlazorWebView control which ships with Maui seems perfect for us, we've been building our app using Maui. Where I'm disappointed is that Maui still hasn't shipped to release (despite first quarter 2022 being it's target).


A couple of weeks ago I installed the latest version of the preview  (17.2.0 preview 2.1), which seems to be massively buggy, and we can't build any of our apps (one of the bugs means we can't deploy to any IOS devices).  I've logged the bug, but it's going to take a while before it's resolved. So we need to downgrade to the previous version, does anyone know if that's possible, it doesn't seem so by Visual Studio Installer?

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You would want to "Pin" the Maui Version number in your csproj.