Goodbye Android Emulators! Windows Subsystem for Android is AWESOME


I love emulators and deploying to devices, but it is awesome that you can deploy directly to WSA in Windows 11 from Visual Studio. Check it out:


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I need this in my life, but I need to build a new PC to get Windows 11 first :D
My Surface Books were all updated nicely to Windows 11, but my desktop rig is pretty old so excited to build a new blazing fast machine. WSA is a real driver for me for sure.
How did you manage to embed a Youtube video in a forum post? When I try adding the embed HTML and hit save, I get an error.
I hit the little video icon and then it asks for the URL
This will be very nice. So done with the HAXM thing. lol
Yeah, I have enjoyed working with Android emulators with Hyper-V, but there is nothing like just hitting run and it is as if it is local :)
Patiently waiting for this to be available outside of the US....

Awesome video!
It's pretty awesome that both Windows 11 and .NET 6 help unify the development and testing of cross-platform apps now that we have WSL and WSA.
It's amazing James! I am extremely happy that we have that on Windows 11. But I have one question. Can we have a few "Subsystems" with different settings? Something like a few emulators with different screens sizes.
This is not yet available for users (windows insiders) outside the US region :(
I don't think there are any plans to bring this to Windows 10. Of course you can still just the emulator like you've always done.
Got a 3 month old Macbook Pro with BootCamp. Great for doing Mac and Windows development, but it fails one point on the Windows 11 Update Check. It was some security chip feature to help Windows Hello. I'm really hoping they change the requirements so I can upgrade and use this.

@jfversluis Im living in Cuba, and yesterday download a appx. 


Install it with PowerShell (admin mode) and voila!