Complete Multi-Tenant Application Source Code with Subscription Billing?

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Thank you for helping me. About a year ago, I saw a C# dev company that was selling a complete C# Multi-Tenant Application with full source code. This app also had a recurring billing module and signup section.  


The problem is that I don't remember the company name. And I have searched for about every iteration of terms I can think of to find such a solution... which brings me to this forum for help. Does anyone know of such a company? Or "advanced starter kit?"


I understand that I could build all of it myself. Problem is that I've been coding systems for 30 years, and I just don't feel like doing all that again (I'm old and tired now, lol). I just want to buy something that is 90% of the way there for what I need. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.


Thank you! Jason

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