"Welcome Scenario" to enable automatic "call to action" in Healthcare Bot


Previously, only "Welcome messages" were supported in which markdown could be used to convey a welcome message on initial interaction with the Healthcare Bot. We got numerous requests from our customers to be able to trigger more elaborate uses cases where some "call to action" could be expressed and conversation could be started without "free text" utterances typed by the user.


So, "Automatic Welcome scenario" was introduced. However, there is one major limitation to the "Welcome scenario": It does not support a multi-turn conversation. This means that you can't use any prompts that will ask the user for a value and use this value in the same scenario.  It will simply return to the root of the conversation after the welcome scenario had run.


The workaround for this: If you need to prompt the user for an action, is to show a statement with a Hero Card or an Adaptive Card that will display an option to click. Clicking the action button will "postBack" whatever value you have set in the card that will trigger another scenario that can be a multi-turn one. 


In the sample statement below, we show a "Hero Card" with two options. Selecting one of the options, will trigger another scenario which can be a multi-turn one.




To assign a "Welcome Scenario", navigate to the "Configuration/Conversation" tab and scroll down to the "Automatic Welcome Scenario". Select the welcome scenario you just created from the dropdown.


Note: Welcome scenario will override the "Automatic welcome message" if exists



Now each time the user opens the Bot client, he will be prompted with the welcome scenario. Selecting one of the options will begin another scenario as defined in the Hero Card as shown below



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