Build real-time dashboard with Power BI dataset produced by Azure Stream Analytics no-code editor
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Do you want to visualize your real-time events data in Power BI dashboard with the processed Event Hubs data produced from Azure Stream Analytics jobs with a no-code and low-cost method? Thanks to the new Power BI output feature in the no-code editor of Azure Stream Analytics, creating real-time dashboards in Power BI is now more efficient and streamlined than ever before. It doesn’t require any separate database to cache the data for the visualization refreshing.


To build the real-time dashboard in Powe BI with the dataset produced from no-code editor of Azure Stream Analytics, you will need 1). an event hub with event data available; 2). a Power BI workspace with the proper permission to write the dataset into.


Create and configure Stream Analytics job with no-code editor to produce the Power BI dataset

The Stream Analytics no-code editor enables you to develop a Stream Analytics job without any coding expertise. It allows you to efficiently develop jobs for various scenarios in a matter of minutes. To get started, simply go to your Event Hub in Azure portal -> Features -> Process data, and choose the tile of “Build near real-time data dashboard with Power BI” to Start.



After a name for the Stream Analytics job is given, you will be brought to the no-code editor canvas to configure the transformation logic to process the event data (if needed), to configure the Power BI output with “Workspace”, “Dataset”, and “Table” to receive the processed data.




Once all of the necessary information is configured and you are satisfied with the data schema, you can begin the process by clicking "Start" on the ribbon. The resulting transformed data will be output to your Power BI dataset based on the specified configuration.


Build the real-time dashboard in Power BI with the produced dataset

Now, the Azure Stream Analytics job is up and running and the data is continuously streaming into the table in the Power BI dataset you've configured. You can now create the real-time dashboard with the data in the table.


Go to your workspace and choose the “Dashboard” to create, and add a tile of “Custom Streaming data” with the streaming dataset you’ve configured in no-code editor Power BI output. Then, you can customize your dashboard data by selecting the columns from the dataset.




When everything is set, you will get the real-time dashboard with its data auto-refreshed like below.




Next step

To learn more about the full steps of real-time dashboard creation, and Stream Analytics no-code editor, see the documents below:


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