Basic Support Extension for Azure HDInsight 3.6 clusters
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Customers who are on Azure HDInsight 3.6 clusters will continue to get Basic support till September 30, 2022. Extension of Basic Support is provided to allow customers who have not migrated to HDInsight 4.0 sufficient time to do so.  Moving to HDInsight 4.0 will allow you to make use of the latest versions of OSS for your workloads, access to improved autoscaling and performance improvements.  We strongly recommend that you migrate your Azure HDInsight 3.6 clusters to Azure HDInsight 4.0 for all your analytics needs. After September 30th, 2022, customers will not be able to create new HDInsight 3.6 clusters.


Refer to the below documents to get started on planning your migration from Azure HDInsight 3.6 to HDInsight 4.0. If you have questions, get answers from community experts in Microsoft Q&A . If you have a support plan and you need technical help, please contact us.



Migrate HDI Hive to HDI 4.0

Migrate Azure HDInsight 3.6 Hive workloads to HDInsight 4.0 | Microsoft Docs

Migrate HDInsight 3.6 Hive(2.1.0) to HDInsight 4.0 Hive(3.1.0) - Microsoft Tech Community


Migrate Kafka workloads to HDI 4.0

Migrate Apache Kafka workloads to Azure HDInsight 4.0 | Microsoft Docs


Migrate HDI 3.6 Apache Storm to HDI 4.0 Apache Spark

Migrate Azure HDInsight 3.6 Apache Storm to HDInsight 4.0 Apache Spark | Microsoft Docs


Troubleshooting guide for migration of Hive workloads from HDInsight 3.6 to HDInsight 4.0

Troubleshoot migration of Hive from 3.6 to 4.0 - Azure HDInsight | Microsoft Docs

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