Team OKRs not pulling Team members' OKRs

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We use OKRs pretty extensively in our org. Works pretty well. Because OKRs are assigned to individual people it's not easy to get a holistic picture of all OKRs the team is working on in a single spot.

I was hoping for the concept of a "Team" to support that. So we have a team defined in Viva. Each of the team members have their own OKRs. But when I got to the Team tab, no OKRs show up. There seems to be some sort of mapping issue.

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Hi @arodrigues1355 - I would recommend you check certain things before you follow the next suggested steps.
1. Please check the Time Period (If you are looking at correct time period of the OKR)
2. Make sure you are searching for OKRs with entity type as "Team"

If above does not solve the issue, You can reach out to your Admin and share the details of the issue you are facing. They can raise it to us via MAC portal. Our Support team will work towards resolving your concern.