Announcing our improved experiment tracking tools in Azure Machine Learning
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We are thrilled to announce the public preview of our enhanced experiment tracking tools in Azure Machine Learning, specifically designed to provide you with a more comprehensive understanding, management, and visualization of your training jobs. These improvements comprise a dynamic and customizable dashboard view, an upgraded jobs list view, and a wide range of features aimed at simplifying the organization and analysis of your experimentation results.


Key Features:

  • New dynamic and flexible dashboard view
  • Improved jobs list view with customizable columns and filters
  • Easily compare metrics and images across training jobs
  • Add markdown for notes and insights
  • Create and save custom views for easy collaboration


Explore the New Dashboard View:

Our new dashboard view combines various tiles – including chart visualizations and markdown – to provide a comprehensive and customizable overview of your experimentation results. By default, the dashboard generates visualizations of your resource utilization, evaluation, and logged metrics for the selected jobs.



Customize Your Dashboard:

  • Change job colors with the color picker
  • Visualize and hide jobs as needed
  • Add and edit charts for custom visualizations
  • Compare metrics and images across training jobs
  • Add markdown for notes and insights
  • Create and save custom views for collaboration



Improved Jobs List View:

The jobs list view now allows you to easily track and organize information with features such as:

  • Customizable job display names
  • Select, pin, and reorder columns
  • Filter jobs based on various criteria
  • Perform batch actions on jobs


Get Started:

To try out these new features, simply enable the preview via the preview panel and navigate to the Jobs tab in the studio.




To learn more, read our documentation to:


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