Release Announcement || Summarization container is live!
Published Oct 06 2023 08:37 AM 1,631 Views

We are excited to announce the availability of Azure AI Language Summarization Container! It comes with both Disconnected and Connected options, along with Commitment Tier pricing. Summarization in Azure AI Language provides ready-for-use solutions with task-oriented and -optimized LLM-powered models to summarize documents and conversation transcripts.


All resources are now LIVE and ready for use. Customers interested in the Disconnected container should go through the gating process to get approved.


This release is a significant step toward democratizing Generative AI and Large Language Models, offering key benefits to our customers:

  • With disconnected container, customers with high demands for data security and confidentiality are unblocked to bring the value of summarization to scenarios in a fully disconnected secure environment.
    • It is ideal for sensitive use cases where data isolation is critical, such as defense, legal, healthcare, financial industries, intelligence agencies.
    • Customers have full control over their environment, minimizing data exposure.
    • Organizations is empowered to harness the Cloud summarization capabilities in secure and confidential settings.


  • With container, both disconnected and connected option, customers will utilize summarization AI now in more regions and countries, beyond what is supported by the Cloud offering today.


  • With Commitment Tier pricing, customers will benefit from
    • Cost savings based on their commitment level, making it a cost-effective choice for long term usage.
    • Predictability in pricing, making budge planning more straightforward
    • Flexible commitment tiers, accommodating the specific needs and usage patterns.


These benefits cater to a wide range of customer needs, ensuring that they can choose the option that best aligns their requirements and preferences.


Please find below for more details and resources about the launch:

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