Streamline insurance claim, patient check-in and more processes with Azure Form Recognizer
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Healthcare and insurance have more relevance in today’s world, especially when unexpected events like pandemic outbreaks and increased lifestyle health issues occur. Health insurance cards and vaccination cards play a key role in processes like patient onboarding, insurance claim processing, proof of vaccination in travelling and school/workplace check-in, etc. However, these documents can be presented in various formats and quality including phone-captured images, scanned documents, and digital PDFs. Extracting data (e.g., name, ID, prescription information, vaccination records, etc.) from these documents are still mostly manual which is costly and error prone.

In the latest release of Form Recognizer, we offer state-of-the-art, pre-built models which combine powerful Optical Character Recognition (OCR) capabilities with deep learning models to analyze and extract the key information from health insurance cards and vaccination cards.




Health Insurance Cards Model

The Health Insurance Cards model analyzes and extracts insurer, member, prescription, group number, copay and more information from US health insurance cards.



Vaccination Cards Model

The Vaccination Cards model analyzes and extracts card holder, health agency and vaccination records from US COVID-19 vaccination cards.



Get Started




Analyze a Healthcare Insurance Card or Vaccination Card in Form Recognizer Studio

  1. Click on the model tile on the homepage of Form Recognizer Studio. If it’s your first-time opening Form Recognizer Studio, sign in and select the Form Recognizer resource name first.
  2. Use the sample and click Analyze on the top left to start extracting the fields.


3. After analyzing, you can find the extracted fields with their confidence scores on the right pane. If you hover on the values, you can find the location where this field is extracted from the card.


4. The JSON output can be found from the Result tab on the right pane. You can copy or download the file by clicking the buttons above the JSON content.


5. You can also upload your own document and follow similar steps to analyze.



Customer Stories

  • Air Canada — When the Canadian government passed a vaccine mandate in 2021, AirCanada had two months to verify thousands of employee vaccine forms. To do this at scale with accuracy, they used Azure Form Recognizer, verifying 70% of the vaccine forms automatically and reducing the amount of manual effort involved, meeting the tight government deadline on time.
  • HCA is using Azure Form Recognizer to simplify and improve the patient onboarding experience and reducing administrative time spent entering repetitive data into the care center's system. Using HCA’s MyHealthOne app on their smartphone, patients can now take photos of their identification and insurance cards and submit them to HCA prior to arriving at their appointments. Form Recognizer does the rest, identifying the fields HCA wants to capture and automatically recording them. This allows HCA to process patient check-ins without manual data entry and — more critically in today’s world — without physical contact.

“They can do it when they want to, where they want to, and they can do it in the means they've probably gotten used to over time,” said Cannon. “All they have to do is take a picture of their cards and hit submit, and here's the results back on the screen”


Learn More

Form Recognizer continues to improve AI quality and service performance. If you have any questions or feedback on either the preview APIs or the service, please contact us via email.

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