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First published on MSDN on Dec 17, 2018
We are happy to announce today that the Windows Compatible Product List is now LIVE!

Features that are available in this release

  • Search functionality across all “Certified” devices and systems for our entire catalog.

  • Customers needing an OEM System report for RFPs can search for the product/marketing name and receive a downloadable Verification Report. *Systems do not support a D&U status. Therefore, that search dropdown must be left set to All for results to show.

  • D & U status is displayed for all Device Classes.

How search works for Marketing/Product Name

  • Searches should be limited to plain text without quotes or wildcards.

  • Each space between a word is equivalent to an AND expression.

  • No special search limiting terms should be used. I.E. do not use (OR, AND, ””, *, ?, etc.)

  • Searches within this area will find matches in our product name , submission name, and marketing name fields.

How search works for Company Name

  • Searches should be limited to plain text without quotes or wildcards (same as above)

  • We will auto-complete found results after 5 letters are typed.Some companies are listed twice. This is a result of merging our Sysdev database accounts with Hardware Dev Center. Each entity is different, so it’s best to just search using the Marketing/Product Name field.