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A crash with exception code 0x80000003 occurred in module "vrfcore.dll"

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    Detail steps as below:

    1. Download and install the latest windows 1809/1903 HLK on the test server (Windows server 2012 R2 Standard with 64 bit OS)

    2. Install the Windows HLK Client software on the test system(Window10 32bit with build17763 and Win10 64 bit with build 17763, and Client and server in the same domain)

    3. Create a machine pool and project, select Bluetooth HS as target to test

    4. Load 1809/1903 playlist and then select Audio APO -  Verify All Formats on Device ae Valid - TestCustomFormatSupport or other APO test case ->Fail, A crash with exception code 0x80000003 occurred in module "vrfcore.dll" in process "te.processhost.exe" from log. (The APO test case should 1809/1903 playlist, not include 1803 or previous playlist, try to see case description, blank page display.)

    Try below way after fail:

    1 - Goto Registry editor-> win+R->regedit->HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE->SOFTWARE->Microsoft->Windows NT->CurrentVersion-> Image File Execution Options -> Delete te.processhost.exe or delete te.ext or both, re-run the test case, still fail.

    2 - Download latest AppVirifier app from official site and install it on server or client, re-run the test case, still fail


@glinjabracom We have looked into this issue and have determined that additional troubleshooting and support will be needed to diagnose it. We recommend you contact our Support team who specializes in supporting the Hardware Lab Kit at:


Product Version = Hardware Lab Kit for Windows 10

Category = Test Fails

Problem = Media and Audio tests