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First published on MSDN on Aug 01, 2017
Dear Valued Partners,

The new Windows Logo License Agreement is now available in the Hardware Dev Center and Sysdev. There are two substantive changes to the existing Agreement:

·         Added a definition for Icon(s)

·         Revised the definition for Logo(s) for more clarity.

In addition, we updated the Exhibits to align with our new Windows Brand Guidelines, including revised guidance on Logo usage and how to refer to older versions of Windows. Some of the specific changes to the Exhibits are as follows:

·         Exhibit 1 includes details about Genuine Microsoft Label and a link to the public facing guidelines.

·         Exhibit 2 explains Windows 10 Hero features system criteria.

·         Exhibit 3 has details about Icon usage.

·         Exhibit 4 describes the Software compatibility badging following the withdrawal of Windows 10 Compatible Logo artwork.

·         Exhibit 5 has details about Windows Server.

Although we are providing an overview of the changes here, we request that you review the entire agreement.

The new agreement will be evergreen and signing it is optional. Signing it is necessary only if you plan to use the logo and brand assets outlined in the agreement. There is no standard cadence for feedback, but we will review comments on an ongoing basis. Please reach out to a Microsoft representative if you need any clarification.

Note : The Windows Logo License Agreement is available in both the Hardware Dev Center and Sysdev. If you choose to sign the agreement, please do so on the site that you use, as each site requires its own signed agreement. For example, if you only make submissions on the Hardware Dev Center and choose to sign the agreement, then sign the one on the Dev Center. A signed agreement on one site is not valid on the other site.