Microsoft Threat Experts is the managed threat hunting service in Microsoft Defender Advanced Threat Protection (ATP). It provides security operations centers (SOCs) with expert-level oversight and analysis to help ensure that critical threats in their unique environments are identified, investigated, and resolved. Get more details about the service here: Announcing Microsoft Threat Experts.


Today, we are announcing the general availability of Microsoft Threat Experts targeted attack notification capability.


Targeted attack notification, one of Microsoft Threat Experts’ two components, provides proactive hunting, prioritization, and alerts that are tailored to organizations. These alerts include as much information as can be quickly delivered to bring attention to critical threats, including timeline, scope of breach, and methods, to further empower SOCs to identify and respond to threats quickly and accurately.


Experts-on-demand, the second component of Microsoft Threat Experts, remains in preview until later this year. During the preview period, customers have unlimited access to Experts-on-demand, for no extra charge.


To know more about Microsoft Threat Experts, read Microsoft Threat Experts: Case studies for managed threat hunting service for details. 

Sign up for Microsoft Threat Experts


Microsoft Defender ATP customers can apply through the Windows Defender Security Center. We will contact customers via email to confirm.


Here are some useful references:

·         Register to Microsoft Threat Experts managed threat hunting service

·         View the targeted attack notification

·         Configure email alert notification

·         Ask a Microsoft threat expert about suspicious cybersecurity activities in your organization

·         Sample questions to ask Microsoft Threat Experts


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Microsoft Threat Experts


Super Contributor

Threat Experts is included in Microsoft Defender ATP at no additional cost or is this an additional sub-service with its subscription plan?

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Also, the title is misleading. Only one part of Threats Experts is GA, as far as i understand.