First published on on Dec 07, 2017
We've officially released the 1711 update to Project Honolulu Technical Preview! An earlier version is available via Windows Server Insiders (build 1711-01003), but with further validation and a new PowerShell console tool, build 1711-15002 is now officially available through the Microsoft Evaluation Center . For those of you that like to be on the cutting edge, look for a new build going out to insiders later this month!

If you are already using Honolulu, you will see an "Update available" notification in the Honolulu homepage which you can click to download and install the update. You can also visit the Windows Server Evaluations page to download Project Honolulu.

New features in this update include a new Remote Desktop tool, PowerShell console tool, Windows 10 client management, Switch Embedded Teaming, UI performance enhancements and more. See the blog post on the Windows Server blog for more details.

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