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Christian Rodríguez Giménez
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We've tested the /security/alerts api from 2 different tenants. In both tenants we have Azure AD Identity Protection and Azure Security Center Alerts. We can see those alerts from their respective blades in Azure Portal.


But returns 


"@odata.context": "$metadata#Security/alerts",
"value": []


We're properly authenticated with proper permisions. We've tried it from the graph explorer and from both c# samples (desktop and


Can you give us a hand?

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Certainly, we'll be happy to assist. I suggest sending me the Azure tenant ID/s over a private message so we can investigate your not getting any results to your queries. Michael
Issue was successfully resolved

Hi , 
Can you please elaborate the steps taken to solve the issue. 

since I'm facing the same issue, but I have Advanced Threat Protection as security provider . 
I have already defined a security alerts policy and a threat management policy. 


@Michael Shalev wrote:
Issue was successfully resolved


Alerts from Windows Defender ATP are currently in Private Preview - will update when you can test this.

If you enabled WDATP in Azure Security Center, you should see these alerts included in the ASC alerts.


I have the same issue but with We always get empty alerts since 2019/01/08 for one tenant, before that it was working. Would you please help on that?