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We have just released our latest updates to the community, here is what has changed or been fixed:


  • All new users will now be asked to choose a unique username on sign up, this will help @mentions work better.
  •  We have started to make some improvements on the community leaderboards by adding some details about users who are marked as 'top contributors'. At the moment this will show you the top contributors accross the whole community - with improvements planned in a future release.
  •  We fixed a bug with the private message function that was causing the reply and delete buttons to be misaligned for users using the Microsoft Edge browser
  •  Attachments are now visible in the idea's boards

We will shortly be asking existing users to select unique usernames as well and I will share more information on this in due course. 


@AS, have nothing against unique names, but will it help to @mentions? E.g., I tried


all names are unique, but no one Allen Smith.


At the same time yes, lot of them if use full name




Community Manager

@Sergei Baklan,


Yes it will, at the moment you have to type the full name to get to a user your looking for and if you have more than 5 users with the same name then you have no way to choose the 6th, 7th or 8th user on the list.


At the moment all users usernames are 'Firstname Lastname' and as we continue to grow this issue is going to get worse.


As always appreciate your feedback.