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We have just pushed our latest version of the Microsoft Tech Community and we have made some changes to areas of the community you will visit often. 


'My Home' is gone

Ever since our beta launch, and then subsequent UI redesign the 'My Home' page has sat in the top right of the community under the heart icon next to the search bar and the notification bell. The purpose of this page was to give you a one stop shop to see the communities that you have joined.


We listened to user feedback that it was too buried, and indeed many users had never even visited that page until we asked them about it. In response have moved all the communities you have joined into the Communities tab, under the filter called 'My Communities'



We focused some love on the Communities page with this release, based on some user feedback but also designed to make it the one stop shop for finding communities you may be interested in.


  • We have made it easier to see communities with long names by wrapping the name and made the title smaller to accommodate the multi-line wrap
  • We had a request from you to implement community descriptions in the communities tab, which has been done
  • You can now select 'My Communities'
  • Some other UI changes to align with our community style



You reported it, we fixed it...

A few you had spotted we were getting errors on some threads where users had requested, we delete their account under GDPR, great catch and we have fixed that this sprint.


Tell us what you think!

Your input helps me shape our backlog for community improvements, if you have comments or things you would like to see please submit your idea in our Ideas board and the most popular ideas will always be considered for future development. 




@AS, I don't care about the Communities, I care about specific spaces within them and there is no way to currently list them after you've taken out the old Dashboard page (https://techcommunity.microsoft.com/t5/custom/page/page-id/Community-My-Dashboard). Now I have to go over each Community (some of which I haven't even "joined"), look at any spaces I've favorited and click few more times to actually get to the posts therein. Can we please get the Dashboard page back or anything that lists just the spaces?

Community Manager

@Vasil Michev,


Thank you for the feedback, can you please submit an idea?


Please outline what it is your looking to achieve, why you think it would be a good interface to have and I will look into it and see if there is some use case we have not covered in the re-design. 

Respected Contributor

Great! Thanks

The top contributors are  gone except for 1 chart covering the whole timeframe! Also it’s not clear how it rates, if you look at the chart today

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Hi @adam deltinger,


Thank you for the feedback. The old Top Contributors component used to be a series of profile pictures but with no context as to why they were classed as top contributors and it only showed you the top contributors across the whole community.


In the last version of the community we released a Top Contributors leaderboard, based on like received, which showed you the three most common activities our top contributors participate in, i.e. Posts, Likes Received and finally solutions authored.


In this version of the community we changed to scope it per board, so you see the top contributors for the space you are currently viewing. This is still generated by 'Likes Received'. I hear you say 'ah but some people with less likes received are ranked above users with more likes received'. You are right some are, this is due to the weight of the likes received.

So if some users get a post liked by an MVP or a Microsoft Employee then that like is worth more than just the one like users give to one another.


We still have some improvements planned and I have not yet decided if I want to scrap the 'weighted' likes measure and simply compare likes for likes. We are however going to add the ability to change the time window that you are looking at, i.e. to look at Today, this week, this year etc. We are also going to let you choose between All Users and MVPs so you can easily see who the top contributors are and get a feel for the engagement from your peers. 


Again always happy to receive some feedback on what you would like to see, or if you have ideas on how it could be fairer, please log it in the ideas board.