Community Manager

Share a community or thread within a community from the Microsoft Tech Community into your social channels! With one click, you can share to LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, OneNote, Yammer, or even in email.


Sharing buttons can be found on the sidebar of every community home page (right-hand side). Scroll to the 'Share' window and select where you would like the link to be shared. The counter represents the number of times the community has been shared via clicking on one of the share link buttons on this site, but isn’t representative of how many total times the conversation or community has been shared.


sharelinks.PNGShare counter and sharing buttons

Social Media

Clicking on buttons for social media sites such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter will generate a post about the community and will link the community on your feed. You have the option to edit the text or provide your own custom message if you wish.


Screenshot (10).pngLinkedIn post created by clicking on the LinkedIn share button


OneNote + Yammer

These sharing buttons can help you pin a community to your OneNote notebook or Yammer page. 

yammer onenote.png

OneNote.pngPin a community to your OneNote notebook or Yammer page



The email button opens a window that assists you in emailing a friend about the community.


email link.PNGShare a community with a friend via email

Link Button

The link button allows you to copy/paste a hyperlink to share in another place.



copy link.png


Help grow the Microsoft Tech Community and spread great content by using our new sharing links buttons! 


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