Skype for Business 2019 Standard Edition Server Back!

Anthony Caragol

I'm shouting this from every rooftop, because it's a very important role to me.  As you may have heard, at Ignite it was announced that the Standard Edition would NOT be included in Skype for Business 2019 \ vNext.  Today I have been given permission and am allowed to confirm that it is BACK IN!  Thank you to all who commented and voted on the issue on skypefeedback.com! 

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Do we need to create a seperate vote for the SBA's as well :)

Of course a good news!!!

It was a close one for us in Australia since we mostly operate on Std edition based paired pool for small/medium customers and also the fastest way of building a hybrid environment.


Good news indeed!!!



Maybe, but we still have the SfB 2015 code, which hasn't honestly changed much since Lync 2010 so we'll be OK.  :)

Awesome, you did it, SfB community! Really good news :)
What about PC and RGS? I've read, that they will be back also, is this correct?