Windows version 1709 is now unblocked as a Windows Update offering on SRSv2 devices.  Devices previously based on Windows version 1703 should now automatically update to version 1709 if open access to the Internet is available.  The block was lifted yesterday, July 29th.

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Before submitting a ticket, I figured I'd post here first. 1709 update does not auto install, and when I try to manually update, I receive the following. SfBv2 app is at


Any suggestions? 



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Anyone knows how to find SRS V2 version? Before updates (bulid 15063 as it comes with the Recovery image) version info was found in the setup window upper right. Now after OS upgrades to build 16299.579 the same spot only show the OS version info. Where / how can I check SRS versio an what sould be latest?

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I cannot access the download site of CreateSrsMedia.ps1 and SRS deployment kit. Any server issue ?


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Same issue here, can't access the CreateSrsMedia.ps1 download page, nor use the script itself. 


@Chris Mikkelsen We just updated the script to v1.3.2.  Available for download now.

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Just delete the files in C:\Windows\SoftwareDistribution\Download 

Windows Update will download the new file and install it without deleting the SRS files.  

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Hi David,


just to be sure - Windows Version 1803 is not officially supported yet for SRS? Any ETA here?


Thank you!


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I second that, I have my SRS asking to install 1803 and uninstall the SRS software like above.


Hi All,


I am trialling the Logitech Smartdock and have installed SRSv2 software build provisioning version 6, Windows 10 build 1709, 10.0.16299.665.


All works well but whats really disappointing is the size of the in room video tile in the bottom right of the screen.  Its so small on a FullHD 55" monitor that I cant even see where to focus the Logitech PTZ camera. There seems no way to set a size for this?


The only thing I haven't done is update the Logitech SmartDock firmware which I will tomorrow. Is this size controlled at the SRS or the Logitech Smartdock level, its so bad that I fear this will be a non starter for our company and we wont be able to proceed with SRS as a solution.


Any help is appreciated @David Groom





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@Paddy Keaney If you have a 4k tv I have seen this happen. You may need to log into windows as an admin and set the secondary monitor to 1920x1080 and set the dpi to 100% not 150% as it may be. If this is not the issue you may just need to "lock the spotlight" on the room. I am also using the PTZ2.


Looks like the latest build is supporting 1803. In fact when I updated my install media (instructions found here) it required the 1803 release and wouldn't let me use 1709 saying the script (CreateSRSMedia.ps1) will not support the current build of windows and I needed at least 17134 also known as 1803. 

A word of advice for anyone using the CreateSRSMedia.ps1 script.  Pre-download all the files you need and put them in the folder with the script. The script was timing out downloading the Surface files directly from the CDN. Also during the mount-windowsimage sequence once the status bar at the top goes away for each step I had to press ctrl+c to move to the next line. Otherwise it just sits there for hours seeming to be hung when it has indeed completed the previous step. The script is a good script it just needs some better QA to find the bugs.