The SfB Mac team is excited to announce that the latest version is now available both as a standalone and through Microsoft AutoUpdate. We apologize for our early difficulties - we have resolved the problem that was impacting our software delivery process. Here is a list of features and improvements in this release.


Join meetings without audio
Users can choose the option for one meeting by selecting Don't join audio In the Join Meeting Audio dialog box or set the default for all meetings in the Calls page of Preferences.  The Join Meeting Audio dialog box is displayed when you join a meeting from your calendar or by double-clicking an item in the Meetings tab.


Simplified sign in

Signing into Skype for Business is now easier and only asks for information that is needed. The user starts by entering their email address, and Skype for Business determines what additional information is required by their organization.  Some lesser-used options have been moved to the Advanced Options dialog box.


Sign in with client certificate-based authentication

Users can now sign into Skype for Business using client certificate-based authentication when required by their organization.


Hide and show meeting content

Users can choose to hide or show content when that another user is sharing in a meeting.  When someone is sharing their screen, select Turn off content from the More Options (...)menu. If a shared screen is available but not displayed (because it was hidden or due to an error), select Turn on content from the More Options (...) menu.


Joining meetings from organizations which are not federated with your organization

Users can now join meetings that are hosted by another organization even when external connectivity (federation) has not been established between the two organizations. 



  • Fixed an issue where a user's location used for E-911 calls is not correctly identified when the user is connected to a network inside their organization. 
  • Fixed an issue where a user's status continued to show as Available after they had quit the app.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented users from signing in with an Alternate ID.
  • Fixed several issues to improve the reliability of viewing screen sharing in a meeting.

Yay! Does this fix the issue with screen sharing from SRSv2 to mac, where you get a white square?

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A linux client? When


@Steven Collier - I checked in with Engineering and no bugs are comign to mind with these specific details. Can you supply a bug number of this that you filed or take a moment to file something? -p-


@Christophe Humbert, There are no plans for a native Linux client for Skype for Business. Possible alternative approaches include:


  1. We support VDI solutions from Citrix and VMware. They both either offer or plan to offer VDI access for Linux users.
  2. A Linux client is being considered for Microsoft Teams. You may want to investigate if Teams has the functionality you want.

@Paul CannonOur reference is REG:117062815962635.

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Hi, can I ask when you finally repair following bug (https://www.uc.solutions/Skype_for_Business/Skype_for_Business_Client/General/Received_error_message...)? With this bug Skype for Business is useful as "racing homer". Lot of my colleagues getting error "this message wasn't sent" even message was sent and delivered.. lot of times they get this message but message is really undelivered. So I didnt get half of their messages. Lync on Mac was working quite well, I do not know how you even can release (and sell) this software with this kind of bug (and keep it there for months!). It`s really embarrassing for company as Microsoft to have this kind of bugs in software.  BR, Jindrich
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Thanks @Paul Cannon VDI is defintely not an option for devs :) Thanks for the heads-up on Teams