The Skype for Business Mac team is excited to announce our last major release for 2017 is now available for download.  This release includes the following changes, including several key features that customers have been waiting on for a long time! 


Status from your Outlook calendar

Skype for Business on Mac will automatically update your status to indicate when you are in a meeting or busy based on your Outlook calendar. You can turn this off by clearing Update my status based on my calendar information in General page of Preferences dialog box.


Manage people in your meetings and calls

When in a meeting or call, you can easily mute someone's microphone, make them a presenter or attendee, or remove them from the meeting. In the People list, select the user and then select the More Options (…) button.


Know when you are offline

You'll see a notification at the top of the window when you aren't connected to the Skype for Business server, and the buttons to start conversations and join meetings will be disabled.


See your missed IM messages

When you miss an IM conversation, you can see the message text in the chat window even if your organization has disabled automatic archiving of IM messages.


Automatically close the window when you hang up a call

Skype for Business on Mac will automatically close the call window when you hang up a person-to-person phone call as long as no one has sent IMs in the conversation.


Monitor the quality of your audio and video calls

If you are on macOS Sierra or later, your admin can monitor the Quality of Service (QoS) of your audio and video calls to keep your service running smoothly.



    • Fixed an issue that prevented a user from seeing a security desk notification when they dial 911.
    • Improved the performance of opening chat conversations.
    • Changed the position of notifications so they do not cover action buttons when you leave a call or meeting.
    • Improved the performance of displaying the Devices window.
    • Improved the visibility of Next Slide and Previous Slide buttons when sharing a PowerPoint file in a meeting.
    • Fixed issues around sending IMs when a presenter enables or disables all IM in a meeting.
    • Fixed an issue with how HTTP proxy passwords were stored.
    • Fixed an issue that caused users with an Alternate ID to be prompted to sign in multiple times.


Happy Holidays!

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Nice work, been waiting for the new version to come out.

Any instruction how to set up QoS in Mac? The last point looking interesting but couldn't find anything how does it work or what do I need to do to set it up.

 Hi, Chermaine - I am trying to get my Mac to install 16.13.184 and it hangs/stops about half the way through installer. Does not complete. No error messages. Just stops suddenly after progressing rather fast up until that point. I have Force Quit installer, restarted, and ensured all Microsoft programs are not open and still it does not work. Any ideas?

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I have the same problem, the installer just stops 1/2 way through the installation process. Any help greatfully apprecieated.  (MacBook pro, 2017, High Sierra OS)




If you run into an issue with installer hanging, please restart your Mac and try again.  If the problem persists, please submit a ticket with logs located in: /var/log/install.log.




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Once I updated to this patch, I am not able to sign in with my account. It tells me the version I am running needs to be updated.  But, I am able to sign in just fine with other accounts.  I have removed and reinstalled and still getting the same error.  Anyone have any suggestions?


Here is some additional information about the QoS support new in Skype for Business on Mac v16.13.


On-premises customers need to enable QoS marking for Mac and other non-Windows platforms by setting the EnableQoS property as documented in these articles:

Skype for Business Online customers should have this property enabled automatically, so no action is needed to enable marking.


When the app is installed and EnableQoS property is enabled (as needed), audio and video network traffic will be marked with the DSCP values documented in ExpressRoute and QoS in Skype for Business Online.  Note that only voice and video traffic are marked from Mac apps, and the DSCP values are not customizable.

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I am using Skype for Business 16.13.184 on my Mac.  Please provide a way to turn off emojis.  It is embarassing to send business messages where critical text is replaced with silly images.


@sstrick - Are you referring to a problem where certain punctuation in a message gets automatically replaced by emojis?  We made a fix for issues around this some time ago.  Version 16.13 is very old (from December, 2017); we have made many fixes since then.  I would recommend that you upgrade to the latest version(16.25).  To do that, click Check for Updates on the Help menu, and then install the latest Skype for Business version.