I’m happy to announce that SfB Mac update 16.18.51 shipped yesterday and is available for download. 


This release includes a lot of significant features and bug fixes, including:


Notifications for audio and video issues

Skype for Business will display a notification when it detects conditions that can affect your audio and video quality such as long network delays, high CPU usage, or echo.



  • Fixed an issue that prevented Outlook on Mac from setting the default value specified by policy for Customize access levels, presenter, options, and phone settings in Skype meeting options when scheduling an online meeting.
  • Fixed an issue where the active call controls were not displayed in a call to a response group.
  • Fixed an issue where the Rate My Call dialog box was displayed multiple times at the end of a call.



New Contributor

What are the significant features?  What I see in your notes is bug fixes.  Squashing bugs is good stuff, but I'm hoping there are some actual features.  Meeting Recording, Sharing just an app instead of the whole desktop, Q&A/Polling/Whiteboarding - you know - the good stuff that's missing from the Mac client.

Occasional Visitor

I completely agree! There are a number of features I would have expected in the Mac client by now. Especially:

-share app (instead of screen)

-control a shared session (I can't control of someone else's screen, even when they give me control)



The app has certainly come a long way in the past year. Hopefully they're continuing with more features!