As promised, we have rolled out the change to use Skype for Business desktop app on Mac as our web-downloadable meetings client instead of Skype Meetings App (SMA)! 


The change applies to meetings that are hosted on Skype for Business Online or on Skype for Business Server 2015 that is configured to use the Microsoft Content Delivery Network (CDN).  (If your server is not configured to use the online CDN, there is no change to your experience.)


The desktop app brings many advantages over SMA: Screen sharing, audio, and video are significantly more reliable.  The meeting experience is built around a larger and more immersive display of video and shared content.  Screen sharing from the Mac uses Video-based Screen Sharing (VbSS), which is faster and more reliable than Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) used by SMA.  The app has also been optimized to work well with macOS 10.14 (Mojave), including Dark Mode.


When you click to join a meeting on a Mac, you will see this screen in your browser:

App Selection Page.png"How would you like to join your meeting?" web page when joining a Skype for Business meeting

Selecting Download and install Skype for Business will download the SfB desktop installer (recently reduced in size from 47 MB to 35 MB):

Download installer.pngWeb page for downloading the SfB app installer

Click the download to install the app. Users who do not have administrator permissions on their Mac should choose the Install for me only option on the Destination Select page of the installer.

SfB Mac Installer - Location.pngDestination Select page of SfB Installer

When Skype for Business opens, you have the option to sign in (if the meeting is from your own organization or an organization that is federated with yours) or to join a guest.

Join as guest.pngJoin as a Guest screen in Skype for Business 


We are excited to bring these improvements to our Mac users, and we look forward to your continued feedback on Skype for Business!

Frequent Visitor

What is the version?  I'm seeing 16.25.73 on my client.


16.25.73 is the current version of the SfB desktop app.

Occasional Visitor

This is awesome. It took only 15 seconds to download and install SFB client version. Nice move for SFB Mac users.

Frequent Visitor

I'd sure like to get screen sharing working better, not so far been broke for a long time.  I'm not seeing this latest build as being any better ... maybe it's just me.


@Andy Sutton - We don't have any open issues with screen sharing from the Mac app, so your problems may be something unique to your environment or something that's not been reported to us.  I recommend working with your organization's helpdesk as a first step.  They can determine whether it is something in your environment or server infrastructure.  If it looks like a product bug, they can engage with our support team.



Frequent Visitor

I did a clean install and now the client looks a little different so something didn't update properly.  Now my chats are anchored to the main window.  Is there a way to separate the chats into separate windows?  I liked the previous more narrow interface with just the vertical tabs and the favorites list.


To have chats open in separate windows, set the Show chats in separate pop-up windows option in the General page of Preferences.