Cloud PBX with PSTN Calling service for Skype for Business will be expanding its offering to Germany and Belgium! 


Cloud PBX with PSTN calling allows organizations to purchase PSTN calling services directly from Microsoft without the need of an on-premise deployment. Customers will be able to acquire new numbers from Microsoft or port their own telephone numbers. 

As a part of this program, we invite customers from Germany and Belgium to their respective programs to test the service before general availability. Head over to www.skypepreview.com to sign-up and learn more. 

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Great to see more and more Skype PSTN Calling previews being announced.


What happened to the "PSTN Calling - The Netherlands" program? It was listed on skypepreview.com before but is not listed anymore. When will PSTN Calling become available in The Netherlands?

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Our organization would like to participate. Is it correct that we need an unused Microsoft tenant for participation? The registration form has a validy check about an unsused Office 365 tenant URL (xxx.onmicrosoft.com).

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Great to see Germany added to the list!


Is there an overview which telephone numbers (cities / area codes) are available at the moment as the message states "We currently do not have telephone number stock for all cities and area codes in Germany. We are actively working on adding additional telephone numbers, but please be aware that some cities and area codes will take longer than others."?

@Harold van de Kamp the Netherlands calling program is now closed for preview. The program should make it to general availability soon.


@Marc Aigner Please use your actual organization tenant. I believe the setup is referring to not using a tenant domain that has already signed up in the portal. 


@Marcus Richter We don't have a list to share at the moment. When you submit your request, the service desk should respond setting some timelines. 

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@Nishanth Nadarajah Thanks, I understand. Someone else from my organization has joined the Skype Preview program. But this happend a while ago and I find no one with correct login credentials for the Skype Preview website. Do you know how to get support on this to register for this really exiting feature?

@Marc Aigner please email skypeexp@microsoft.com with your tenant details and problem statement. They should be able to help fix this issue. 

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I would be very helpful to North American multinational companies for Microsoft to hasten the availability of Canadian PSTN portability. 



We are a Belgian company with remote sites in FR ,UK and US.

We are looking for a one solution fits all.

How can we participate in this preview ? 






@David Lambrecht- Hi David, at this time onboarding for this preview program is currently on hold as we are in the final stages of release. 


@Sara Zolezziis there any word on when the final release date will be?  We were part of the preview program for our Belgium office and are looking to move forward...however our home office is in the US and we are Hybrid SfB.  Where can I find more information on co-existing the two?

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We are a company based in Denmark. Is there a plan PSTN calling to be available in Denmark soon?


Hi @Svetoslav Yanev- At this time we do not have anything we can share on a timeframe for Denmark.