Skype for Business Online: Changes to reporting cmdlets

The new Microsoft Graph reporting API is now general available. This API allows customers to obtain richer access to usage information in their environment. Since this created some overlap with existing reporting cmdlets, the following Skype for Business Online cmdlets will be depreciated: CsActiveUser, CsAVConferenceTime, CsP2PAVTime, CsConference and CsP2PSession.


For more information please refer to the following article on the Office 365 bog: Announcing the General Availability of Microsoft Graph reporting APIs


Call to action:

  • If your reporting relies on any of the cmdlets to be deprecated, adopt your reporting to the new Microsoft Graph reporting API
  • If you have any questions, please let us know below
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Thomas, curious why the PSTN usage report is not exposed through the Graph API (or is it and I am just missing it somewhere?). With the limitation of only being able to export 10,000 records at a time into Excel from the Skype admin portal, exporting an entire month's worth of PSTN usage is a tedious manual task when there around over 100,000 records.

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Dear Thomas,

Good to see your article here. Could you please help on the below issue.  

We are facing a weird issue in SFB 2015. Our environment is we have deployed single SFB 2015 front end server in Enterprise pool with the SQL back end on different server.   

After deploying FE server with published topology and all the services are running. Also we are able to login to SFB control panel. But in the control panel we cannot see the published topology and giving the below error. 

"Get-CsServerApplication : Cannot open database "xds" requested by the login. The login failed."

Also we have checked the Event Viewer in the SFB server, it's giving the below error. 

Event 2032, LS Master Replication Agent Service 

"Failed to register with back-end database. Skype for Business Server 2015, Master Replicator Agent will continuously attempt to reconnect to the back-end.  While this condition persists, no replication will be done." 

Please advise as we are unable to enable users.

Highly appreciate guys your urgent support. 



@Jeff Brown, sorry for the delay -- I'm working to get an answer.


@Salman Aslam, I recommend to open a ticket with support.