Nov 5, 2018 Update, 2:27PM PST: It's been confirmed that the notification can be dismissed by touching the console screen outside of the notification window.  The SRSv2 team is confirming whether the update will then be applied after the next maintenance cycle.


Admins should be aware that a Windows Update notification may appear in user mode (i.e. on top of the SRSv2 user interface) as part of the recent Win10 Version 1803 Update release to SRSv2 devices.  The notification (photo below) was first observed after unblocking the Windows 10 Version 1803 Update on November 1st.  This blog will be updated as soon as more information is known.

RS4UI.jpgWindows Update Notification

The update may take anywhere from ten minutes to forty-five minutes to complete when selecting the "Restart now" option.  Consequently, care should be taken when restarting at the start of a scheduled meeting.


Hi David,

thank you for this info.

I think MS should be more careful about SRS behaviour and updates.

These devices are now the only one certified with Teams and they are very often in meeting rooms used by managers and other high level users (often with very low or zero technical skills), so even this simple banner could be a big problem for IT guys.

Thank you.

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With MS having taken 6 months of testing pending making this available, this is rather a large omission. It is also highly likely an end user will click restart now which then effectively ends any hope of them having a meeting in the next hour. 
We have observed the restart can take anything from 10 mins to over an hour (varies per device) and the room is not functional during the update being applied.

Looking forward to MS fixing this bug asap please!


Hello, @Luca Vitali and @Alex McKnight.  We will be including a provisioning change in our next application update which will keep the Windows Update notification that you saw in the background.  In the meantime, I will try to provide you the setting in this blog so that you will have early access.

Thank you @David Groom

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Hey, I got around this by changing my update hours