SRSv2 Update Available in the Store

Skype Room Systems v2 update was released to the Store on December 14th.


SRSv2 updates are released to 10% of devices with availability gradually increasing to 100% after a few days.


December 19th Status Update: now available to 100% of devices. Release Notes

- Display content on both Front of Room displays on dual screen systems.

- Theming and Front of Room UI improvements


An MSI version of this update is being prepared.  This blog will be updated once it comes available.

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Display content on dual screens?? 


 Does this mean mirroring the same content across, or spreading participants across the screens?


It looks like the new version is offering Mirror Cast as a wireless connection option. Is there a way to remove/disable this from the SRS? (We already have a wireless connectivity option and I want to reduce confusion).


Thank you

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Has this introduced Miracast? That would be massive!

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This update adds "Add this room to a meeting with your personal devices" to the bottom left of the Front of Room displays This text, unfortunately, encroaches one of the parts you can safely put your own content in the template as there should be no UI.

Hi Guys.

Does anyone have any information on the setup or configuration required to "Add this room to a meeting with your personal devices

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I don't understand why things such as new features such as Miracast aren't included in the release notes?   



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Really great to see that "Display content on both Front of Room displays on dual screen systems" has finally been introduced as a feature with Skype Room Systems. Many of our users have been waiting for this for a long time. Good work!

Hi !

This update provide a main screen UI improvement that is very good !

Unfortunately, it does not fix the LED ring issue on HP Eliste slice G2, it does not illuminate anymore in green/red during the calls.

I do not understand the purpose of "Add this room to a meeting with your personal devices" message, the room is not discoverable with "windows+k" (so I guess that Miracast is not enabled). What is the feature hidden behind ?


This new feature is dependent on functionality that is not yet in the current Teams desktop/mobile client software.  Once that is available then both halves of this new capability will allow it to function.  Essentially, the Teams client on a personal device (like my Surface Pro) can detect that a Skype Room System is in close-proximity (when I carry my tablet into the meeting room).  If I join the meeting from my device it'll trigger the SRS to join the same meeting, even without that meeting residing on the SRS's own calendar.

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I like the idea of the new proximity-based join feature.  Once we're ready for it, our users will love it. 


Right now, we're a Skype for Business on-prem only shop, and this addition to the FoR UI has caused a great deal of confusion.  Our users are expecting that they can use Miracast/AirPlay/some-other-protocol-that-they-made-up/etc to use the room system.  Bluetooth beaconing is turned off, and the SRSv2 is set to Skype for Business Only mode.  In this case, I expected the "Add this room to a meeting with your personal devices" verbiage to not show on the FoR display.  Are we able to remove this message until we're ready?

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"Add this room to a meeting with your personal devices"
From what I understand, this feature isn't entirely ready for production.  Features which aren't complete/finished would be more suitable in a test environment and not production systems.

It should be optional if you want to enable these features.  There should also be a toggle for enabling/disabling messages like from displaying on the main screen, otherwise it can create confusion and frustration. 
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Is this SRS Version ready for deployment on the latest Surface Pro 6? It's not listed yet as supported HW under:


Looks as the Pro 2017 Modell is not available anymore via our current Vendor :/




don't mess up my srs ms!!!! :)

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This update confuses me and my users. "Add this room to a meeting with your personal devices"... what? And what exactly is "Display content on both Front of Room displays on dual screen systems"? Also I can't see an UI improvement. Phone number on front display is gone.
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As I understand:

a quick summary:

this feature is not yet operational since Teams is not fully compatible and Skype will never be compatible.

the text on the display saying: "Add this room to a meeting with your personal devices" can not be removed.

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OK, found out what "Display content on both Front of Room displays on dual screen systems" is. Bad thing: the fan in our Lenovo ThinkSmart Hub 500 is now much louder when we use the HDMI-In. I think it's because of the dual screen feature and it's not acceptable. How can I disable it?

Hello, @IanBryant.  Would you be able to post a photo of the wireless support that you describe above?  I ask because Miracast support was *not* part of the update release.  However, as @Jeff Schertz points out above, we will be supporting a feature called "Bring Your Own Meeting" which enables Teams mobile clients to listen for a Bluetooth beaconing signal from the SRS device.  Prior to the end of the year, this functionality had not yet been rolled out for general mobile client release, but it might be available to early adopter (TAP) customers if you are part of the TAP ring.


I'm attaching a photo of the BYOM experience as seen on my laptop here internally at the Microsoft office.  As you can see, before joining a meeting, I'm notified that there is an SRS device nearby to use for the meeting that I'm about to join.BYOM.jpg




Hope this helps.


Hi everyone, to answer some of your questions:
@Bunce44, dual content display means SRS now has the ability to duplicate content connected via HDMI ingest to both screes in a dual front of room screen setup / room. 


@MattEllis @IanBryant, others, we have not enables MiraCast in SRS. We have enabled proximity based meeting join, using BT beacons for proximity.  This is fully production ready on the SRS side; there is a BT beacon config setting in the SRS admin settings UX.  The client side of this feature will be available in Microsoft Teams only (not SfB).  Teams desktop has this feature enabled today in pre-release rings, and this should be going to GA shortly, followed by the same capabilities on Teams mobile.


- we added the new front of room text on SRS to highlight the new capabilities, but we screwed up in making the text static, and appear even when it was not applicable.  We will be doing a "bug fix" in our Jan release to get rid of the text if: 1) BT beacon is turned off on SRS in settings and/or 2) Teams meetings are disabled on SRS.  

@Torsten Siegmund we have not yet completed our certification testing on SP6; that is still in process. The SP5 / 2017 model should continue to be available for multiple months until SP6 is fully certified (which should hopefully happen soon).  If you're having challenges getting systems with SP5 please reach out to me and/or @David Groom with the reseller and disti names / info?


@Chris82 can you please let us know more details on the Lenovo Hub 500 fan noise issue?  Are you hearing this only when projecting content to two Front of Room displays?  Nothing should have changed otherwise for CPU usage and therefore fan load. So if the fan just started to become louder with a single FoR display there may be a HW issue. 


Hope this helps, keep the feedback coming!


@David Groom - Thank you for the details - I was mistaken suggesting Mirrorcast - it was a mistaken assumption based on how the wireless display connectivity message on screen was interpreted.


@Ilya Bukshteyn - thank you as well for the details of the "patch/bug fix" option to take the notification off screen.

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@Ilya BukshteynThe fan is only loud when projecting content to two Front of Room displays. If I switch to only one display, the fan noise is reduced. So, I would love to see an option to use two displays, but share content to only one of them.


@Chris82 do you hear a similarly loud fan noise from the Lenovo in the dual display room when in a meeting with video on one display and content on the other?  I ask as dual content should use less CPU than video + content. I also use a Lenovo with dual displays in my project room and we have not observed this noise, but we will investigate further including your ask for a switch to disable dual content (I'm actually away from the office so can't check right now if we already have this in settings).


@Chris82 (and others as FYI) when you are doing local projection (not in a meeting) on a dual front of room system, you can touch the gear icon at the bottom right of the console to see an option to disable dual screen content. 

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@Ilya Bukshteyn now I'm sitting 39 minutes in front of the Lenovo and can't reproduce the problem. The fan is now OK, sorry for the trouble.
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I just updated from Windows 10 1703/app ver to 1803/app, and I'm getting the error "You'll need a new program for this app skype-mrx:". I also tried running the recovery tool script from the current deployment toolkit. Any suggestions?

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Hi Guys,


With the newest Build i got again an update notification in user mode. See the attached message. I'm wondering, where i can set the schedule for installing updates, i have never set anything for the srs either via GPO or manually. I would like to set it to a time space in the evening.



3 pm is a bad time to install updates....

Go to Windows Updates > Change Active Hours ... i have all of my SRS units active from 7am to 11pm

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Hi Guys!


In our SRS installation we want to edit the SkypeSettings.xml under Localstate so that it always sets the right Audio Device.

But in our case we are using HP Slice G2 with Bang & Olufsen device and because of XML can't understand "&" we are not able to set it correctly.

Does anybody now how to set this with some escape character or something else? 

Thanks for reply!