Mac features light up with Skype for Business 2015 Server December Update

Our on-premises Skype for Business on Mac users will be happy to see some new features light up after installing the December, 2017 cumulative update for Skype for Business 2015 server. When the update is installed, Mac users will see the following improvements:


Support for E-911 calls

When known, the location of a 911 caller will now be sent to the emergency service provider. For West Safety Services customers, this may also require installing Emergency Gateway Version 5.4. (Requires SfB app version 16.11 or later)


Send files in peer-to-peer chats

Users can send and receive files while in a chat session by clicking the paper clip in the chat message input box. They can also drag files directly from the Finder to the chat message input box. Note that the EnableFileTransfer property of CsPlatformServiceSettings must be enabled for this feature.

File Transfer.png

Block external access by policy

When disallowed by policy, users will not be able to sign in from outside of their organization's network. See this KB article for details on the policies that control this behavior.


Retrieve meetings list

We fixed an issue that prevented users from getting their meeting list when the AllowExchangeConnectivity property of the mobility policy was disabled.


Click here to install the Skype for Business on Mac app. We continue to release regular updates to the app that add features and fix bugs. Be sure to stay current to get the best and most stable experience on your Mac. 


Nice recap for the Mac Client! 

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Some long awaited feature are now available.. Thanks

Most excited about the E911 support... that was killing me.  Can't wait to test it out!