We are pleased to announce that Holidays feature for Auto Attendants has been rolled out to all Skype for Business Online customers today, on November 29, 2017.


Customers in all regions who have Phone System SKU (formerly known as CloudPBX) will now be able to create Holiday schedules using the new holidays Auto Attendant UI, or in PowerShell:




Up to 20 different Holidays, containing max 10 date ranges each, can be created for an Auto Attendant. Admins can select start date and time, and also end date and time for each date range in their Holiday schedules.


All Holidays must have unique names and, though nested and overlapping Holidays are allowed, two Holidays cannot start on the same date and time in the same Auto Attendant. 

A set of PowerShell cmdlets to export Holiday schedules from one Auto Attendant and import them into another Auto Attendant is also available:


Export Holidays into a .csv file:

 Export-CsOrganizationalAutoAttendantHolidays [-PrimaryUri] <Uri>

Import this .csv file into another Auto Attendant:

Import-CsOrganizationalAutoAttendantHolidays [-PrimaryUri] <Uri> -Input <byte[]>


For more information on Holidays in Phone System Auto Attendants and Import/Export PowerShell cmdlets, please refer to Auto Attendant documentation here.


Senior Member

Is there some way we can set the action to continue with the current auto attendant to the "after hours" menu? This is the way it worked in the Exchange UM auto attendants.

Senior Member

Has anyone else had issues with the redirect option to an Auto Attendant where it says "This field is required" and will not save if there is no service number assigned to the destination

Occasional Contributor

Re: Steve, just experienced that same issue.  After assigning a Service Number to the Auto Attendant that we were trying to select in the drop down, it worked no problem.