Experience improvements in the Skype Meetings App (web)

We’ve been doing some work on Skype Meetings App recently to update the user experience and fix some bugs. Skype Meetings App is the downloadable web app for joining Skype for Business meetings hosted in SfB Online. Skype for Business 2015 Server customers can also use Skype Meetings App for their meetings if they follow the steps outlined in this blog post.


This update brings the following improvements:


  • Simplified the dialog boxes that are shown when you close the meeting window.  We clarified the wording that confirms you want to leave the meeting and asks to save your settings for future meetings.
  • Fixed an issue affecting users who signed in with an Office 365 account and tried to join a meeting hosted by another organization.  If external connectivity (federation) was not established between the two organizations, the Skype Meetings App would unexpectedly close instead of joining the meeting.
  • Fixed an issue that preventing joining a meeting when the user joined from a server pool on a different domain
  • Worked with Apple to resolve issues that prevented viewing screen sharing on macOS High Sierra.
  • Fixed an accessibility issue with text colors in the app
  • Removed the link to the call quality survey web page that was shown at the end of every meeting. The old survey was deprecated and will be replaced in the future by a different quality rating experience.
  • Fixed some issues with displaying text in right-to-left languages.

The good news is that you don't have to go to any effort to get these updates. The improvements are made to the scripts that are automatically and silently downloaded when you run the web app, so all you have to do is join a meeting!

New Contributor

Hey there, This is awesome!!!


Thanks for the information

Senior Member

Hey Phillipp, 


We enabled the Skype Meetings App in our on premise environment a Month ago, it is a great alternative to the web app.

We have come across the Problem, that when we are hosting a Meeting, it is not possible by attendees to download attached Files, it only works if you make them a Presenter, which i would like to avoid.

It happens independent from the "who should be able to Download settings"


Thanks for your effort to evolve the Meetings App!



Thanks for the feedback, Christian.  I'm glad that you are having a good experience with the Skype Meetings App!  We are aware of the problem with not showing the commands for downloading attachments when a user is not a presenter.  We will take a look at it.



Senior Member

Hi Phil,

it works as it should now, thank you for that.

We found another strange behavior, perhaps you have a solution for us.

Every time I want to share an email address, my S4B client automatically makes a link out of it, but the meetings App seems to be unable to show this correctly. it shows the mail address as follows: csh@lm-ag.de (csh%40lm-ag.de)

Do you have a solution for us?


Thank you in advance



No, unfortunately.  That is not an issue that has previously been reported.  Are you sending your email address in IM during a meeting with the Skype Meetings App?


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we have meetings with attendees using the S4B Client and the Meetings app.

If an attendee using the S4B Client sends an Email address it shows up like this in the Meetings APP



If it is send from Meetings app to Client or to Meetings App this does not happen
























BR, Christian