Call Queue Agent Opt In/Out feature is now rolled out to all Skype for Business Online customers with Phone System (formerly CloudPBX) SKU in all Regions. This update allows Admins to grant Call Queue Agents an ability to Opt In and Out from taking calls from a particular Queue at will.


For all newly created Call Queues, Agent Opt In/Out option will be enabled by default. For pre-existing Call Queues, Admins will need to enable this feature manually:CallQueue9.png


Enabling Agents to Opt out will allow them to manage their own ability to receive calls from a Call Queue. Note that this Call Queue option can be disabled at any time, upon which all the Agents in the Queue will automatically become Opted In and would no longer be able to change their status on their own.


To Opt out of a Call Queue, Agents can use Call Forwarding Tab in their Windows Desktop Skype for Business Client, and then select Edit settings online link:



Clicking on Edit setting online link will open Office 365 User Settings Page, where all Agents can manage their Queue membership status in Call Queues Tab:



Additionally, all Agents, including users on OPCH deployments (i.e.: Hybrid Voice users), can Opt out via the following link: https://aka.ms/cqsettings


Since this aka link (https://aka.ms/cqsettings) points to Agents' personal User Settings page in Office 365, Agents need to be logged into their accounts in order to access it. If the Agents are not logged in, they will be redirected to the login portal before they can access their User Settings page.


For more information on Agent Opt In/Out option in Phone System Call Queues and corresponding PowerShell cmdlets updates, please refer to Call Queue documentation here. 


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Once an agent opts out, is there a report that will show those who have opted out?  I can foresee some of our agents "forgetting" to opt back in,

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Any plans to add opt-in/out capabilities from a certified IP Phone? Or a simpler method from the SfB client?
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Or opting out from the teams client? That would also be really nice.

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@Marina KolomietsCan we now view who is opted in to the call queues? 


We need to get insight to these so we can ensure there are enough staff logged into reception. 


Is there a way to do this, either in a GUI like on-prem, or even in powershell?

The is a powershell cmdlet: Get-CsHuntGroup it will show status for each agent, either OptIn or OptOut.

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This worked for us until last week. we now get "You have not been added to any queues" . 

Tried disabling opt agent option in call queue, then re-enable, this did not help. 

Created new call queue and group, did not work. 

Anyone seen this?



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Yes Maria, I am also seeing the same issue. I thought it's only me.